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Digital Printed Scarves

Custom Digital Printed Scarves

Digital Printed Scarves Factory in China

Sinosilk manufactures wide range of scarves that can be digitally printed using computer inkjet with high-precision. Thus, you can assure that each scarf is printed with attractive colors, designs, and patterns. Its digitally printed designs are widely suitable for both women and men customers.

Our digital printed scarves are guaranteed to have shiny, smooth, and soft texture. Thus, guaranteed that it is comfortable and lightweight to use while keeping your customers warm. It can also provide elegant and luxurious feeling for everyone who wear it.

At Sinosilk, we offer digital printed scarves with a variety of color. You can also send us your specific color requirements for customization. Other custom options also include sizes, designs, shape, logo, packaging, and more.

We have professional designers and strict quality control team to ensure the quality of each digital printed scarf. Rest assured that we provide the lowest MOQ and competitive prices. Send us your inquiries today!

Custom Details of Digital Printed Scarves

Fabrics Available

We can provide digital printed scarves with different fabrics including silk twill, cashmere, silk mixed fabricsilk CDCsilk chiffonsilk georgettesilk satin, cotton, wool, linen, modal, silk habotai, and more.

Sinosilk can also manufacture based on your specific fabric selection.

Sizes Available

Square shape: 55cm x 55cm, 65cm x 65cm, 90cm x 90cm, 110cm x 110cm, 135cm x 135cm

Long shape: 55cm x 170cm, 65cm x 180cm, 65cm x 200cm, 70cm x 190cm

We also provide custom sizes based on your requirements.

Hemming&Tassel Options

You can choose hemming options including hand hem and machine hem.

We can provide double deck stitching, fringe, tassels, and hook options.


All our digitally printed silk scarves are manufactured according to OEKO-TEX standard 100.

Why Digital Printed Scarves are Eco-friendly?

Digital printing methods does not use plates during the process. Therefore, manufacturing digital printed scarves produces less waste and reduced CO2 emission making it eco-friendly.

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