Custom Printed Tencel Fabric

Custom Printed Tencel Fabric

Tencel Fabric has a niche in the market packed with potential. Sinosilk offers bespoke printed Tencel fabrics sourced from certificated cellulose and manufactured with eco-friendly techniques. Contact us for printed Tencel tailored to your needs, of the best quality, at affordable prices and with the best customized solutions.

Printed Tencel Fabric Manufacturer

Tencel is a trademark of lyocell fabrics, including Tencel lyocell and Tencel modal. Custom printed Tencel fabric is gaining increasing demand for its versatility and sustainability. It not only assumes texture, breathability, drapability, etc nipping at silk’s heels but also possesses better durability and cost-efficiency. Admittedly, it exhibits great potential and competition in the sustainable textile industry.

Sinosilk offers custom-made printed Tencel fabrics of guaranteed high quality. They are sourced from certified eucalyptus wood pulp, dyed with advanced inks and printed by state-of-the-art printing machines. So far, we have earned some fame by printing tencel with reactive inks and by digital printing, two-sided printing included.

We are committed to custom printed Tencel fabrics of the finest services. Our top-notch services contain 24/7 customer assistance, fabric recommendations, technical support, advice on garment manufacturing, etc. 

Sinosilk allows a wide selection of ordering quantities, from small batch production to bulk orders by the yard or meter. But you can first experience the delicacy and texture of our custom fabrics and the abundance and quality of the print for free! Make an inquiry to get a complimentary sample pack tailored to your specific needs, and you only need to cover a small shipping fee.


  • Physical properties akin to silk: Our custom printed Tencel fabrics are qualified for high-end markets, catering to the different needs of apparel markets and fashion industries. 
  • Certificated safety and low possibility of allergy:  Our tailor-made printed Tencel fabrics are certified and licensed to be harmless to the human body by the OEKO Association and Lengzing Fibers
  • Print vibrancy: We have a professional team to help you print whatever you want on the fabric. Besides, our factory has various printing machines with cutting-edge technologies, including digital printing and advanced dyes like reactive inks. You can have the Tencel fabric printed based on your needs.
  • Vasertile applications: Our custom printed Tencel fabrics have found applications in numerous areas, including clothing, bedding, finishing, etc.
Features of printed tencel fabric
Applications of printed tencel fabric


Garment and Fashion Industry

  • General apparel and outwear: Tencel shirt, Tencel pants, etc. 
  • Denim: Tencel jeans, etc.
  • Lingerie and nightwear: Tencel pajamas, etc.
  • Activewear
  • Etc.

Home Finishings

  • Bedding: Tencel sheets, Tencel pillowcases, Tencel mattresses, etc.
  • Carpets & upholstery
  • Towels
  • Etc. 

Other Applications

  • Accessories
  • Medical textiles
  • Etc.

Best Custom Services for Printing Patterns

We have a professional brand team of brilliant artists and expertized technicians, offering you one-stop services on your designs and patterns,  including:

  • Off-the-rack designs for free.
  • Making refinements to rough drafts.
  • Customized realization of your artistic inspirations.
  • One-on-one tutoring in artwork scanning and digitalization.
  • Professional and personalized edition to digital files.

Moreover, our in-house team is dedicated to pushing boundaries and providing better services for a broad spectrum of customers, from up-and-coming artists to big-name fashion brands. Please contact us for a perfect recreation or reproduction of your ideas – we will live up to your expectations. 

Best Custom Services for Printing Patterns
Certificated Sustainability

Certificated Sustainability

  • Certificated low-pollution: Our bespoke printed Tencel fabrics pass through stringent examinations and obtain the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. They are made of eco-friendly cellulose source, dyed and printed with green dyes and inks.  The manufacture of customized printed Tencel employs a sophisticated closed-loop system based on  Lengzing’s sustainable production, abandoning polluted viscose and leading to close-to-zero wastage.
  • Certificated conservation of water resources:  Our factory is equipped with a water recycling system conforming to the Lenzing standard. The used water is dealt with expert procedures and can be utilized again and again. 
  • Certificated biodegradability and compostability. Our printed Tencel fabrics tailored to your business get a Lenzing Product License to be biodegradable and compostable. (Certificate number: 324070101630/324070109654, etc)

Why Choose Sinosilk’s Custom Printed Tencel Fabrics?

Why Choose Sinosilk’s Custom Printed Tencel Fabrics
Why Choose Sinosilk’s Custom Printed Tencel Fabrics-2

Except for the excellent features, various applications, and the best customized services from our artists and technicians, our bespoke printed Tencel gains an edge over the quality of raw material, turnaround time, full-time inspection and price. 

  • Better quality of unprinted Tencel: Sinosilk is one of the leading wholesalers of sustainable fabrics in China. We can provide the unprinted Tencel of the finest quality
  • Quick turnaround times: We have 100% unprinted Tencel lyocell of the 60s in stock – well positioned to produce custom-made printed Tencel quickly.
  • Full-time inspection and the price: After choosing our fabrics, you can have an inspection on quality and rate of progress via our 24/7 customer assistance. From raw materials to manufacture, our Tencel fabrics tailored to your usage are always under the consideration of making customers get the finest quality at relatively low prices.

Besides, Sinosilk has prided itself on long-term supply of custom printed Tencel fabrics to numerous worldwide fashion brands, apparel companies, home textile factories, medical device factories, etc. Please send a requiry to know more about our experience and capacity. 

Does Printed Tencel Fabric Shrink?

Yes, printed Tencel fabric usually shrinks a little after the first wash, around 3% to 5%. Our customized printed Tencel fabrics pass through special treatments that can reduce the degree of shrinkage to 3%. Moreover, we will give you step-by-step instructions to retain their shape.

Does Printed Tencel Fabric Wrinkle?

Yes, printed Tencel fabric is prone to wrinkles and creases by nature. As a professional wholesaler of custom printed fabrics, we have experts who can give you know-how and advice on the pretreatment coping with the wrinkling of printed Tencel fabrics in manufacture. Please contact us for more details.

Is Printed Tencel Fabric Toxic?

It depends. The manufacture of printed Tencel fabrics all over the world has not yet been managed by a uniform safety standard. So to ensure safety, you should choose the custom-made fabric certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 or Lengzing Fibers.

Is Printed Tencel Fabric Stretchy?

It depends. 100% Tencel lyocell is not stretchable but it can add stretchability by blending with elastic fibers, such as elastane. Therefore, you can get a stretchy printed Tencel fabric by selecting a stretchy Tencel blend as your fabric to be printed.

Can I Get the Printed Tencel Fabric Hemmed?

Yes, our factory is qualified for several hemming services, including machine baby hem, machine lock hem, machine zig-zag hem and hand-rolled hem. We can provide you with these services when you need custom scarves, pillowcases, tea towels, etc.

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