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Custom Silk Twill Fabric

Silk Twill Fabric in Bulk Manufacture

Whether you need a stiff and crisp fabric, Sinosilk silk twill is your best choice! We have a wide selection of this fabric from light to medium weight up to 22 momme. Made from Grade A+ material, you can assure its durability and versatility that will last for years.

Our silk twill fabric is designed with a skinny texture. It is characterized by its parallel and diagonal rib pattern. Therefore, it can provide an excellent drape. These fabrics are also guaranteed to offer superior elasticity, luster, and good hand feeling.

Sinosilk offers both plain and printed silk twill. These are easy to dye with vibrant colors and prints. It is also suitable for customizations such as colors, sizes, and more. We offer low MOQ and competitive prices to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!


  • Lightweight
  • Super soft
  • Smooth
  • Luxurious
  • Elegant
  • Soil-resistant
  • High thread counts
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Easy to style

Key Benefits

Strength. Silk twill fabric offer high strength due to its natural silk content.

Texture. Although it has wale or ridge characteristics, it can still provide a smooth texture.

Drape. This fabric offers excellent wearability due to the beautiful drape it can provide.

Wide Range of Applications

Due to its rich characteristics, our silk twill is ideal for production of:

Thickness and Width Available

Thickness Width Weight Fabric Content
10mm 94/114/140cm 43gsm 100% Silk
12mm 94/114/140cm 51gsm 100% Silk
14mm 94/114/140cm 60gsm 100% Silk
16mm 94/114/140cm 68gsm 100% Silk
18mm 94/114/140cm 77gsm 100% Silk
22mm 114/140cm 85gsm 100% Silk

What is the Difference Between Plain Fabrics and Silk Twill Fabrics?

  • Different appearance

Plain fabric is the same on both sides, with a monotonous texture. The difference between the two sides of silk twill fabric is more obvious. The side with the oblique texture is the front side,and the opposite is the back side.

  • Different performance

Plain fabric is breathable and wear-resistant. Silk twill fabric is soft and wrinkle-resistant, but it is more easily worn. Plain fabric is lighter and thinner, while silk twill fabric is denser and thicker to the touch.

  • Different weaving method

Plain fabric is woven once every other warp and weft, and is less dense and lighter. Silk twill fabric is woven once every two, so it is thicker.

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