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If you need a stiff and crisp fabric, Sinosilk silk twill is your best choice! We have a wide selection of this fabric from light to medium weight up to 22 momme. Made from Grade 6A mulberry silk, you can be assured of its durability and versatility that will last for years.

Our silk twill fabric is designed with a skinny texture. It is characterized by its parallel and diagonal rib pattern. Therefore, it can provide an excellent drape. These fabrics are also guaranteed to offer superior texture, versatility, and good hand feeling.

Sinosilk offers undyed, plain dyed, and printed silk twill by the yard or meter. These are easy to dye with vibrant colors. It is also suitable for customizations such as colors, sizes, prints, and more. We offer low MOQ, competitive prices, and free fabric samples to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Custom Your Silk Twill Fabric On Demand

Thickness Width Weight
Fabric Content
10mm 94/114/140cm 43gsm 100% Silk
12mm 94/114/140cm 51gsm 100% Silk
14mm 94/114/140cm 60gsm 100% Silk
16mm 94/114/140cm 68gsm 100% Silk
18mm 94/114/140cm 77gsm 100% Silk
22mm 114/140cm 85gsm 100% Silk
  • undyed white silk twill fabric
    Undyed White Silk Twill Fabric

    The natural off-white color with a warm undertone preserves the inherent luster of silk, making it suitable for designers, artists, and creative individuals who seek a personalized style from the start.

  • solid color silk twill fabric
    Solid Color Silk Twill Fabric

    The surface texture of silk twill enhances the absorption rate of dyes, ensuring uniformity in fabric color and showcasing in a wide range of hues. It is suitable for high-end fashion and decorative applications.

  • The use of environmentally friendly reactive printing technology ensures that your unique designs are clear, vibrant, fresh, and long-lasting on the fabric. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including clothing, accessories, and home décor.


  • Lightweight
  • Super soft
  • Smooth
  • Luxurious
  • Elegant
  • Soil-resistant
  • High thread counts
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Easy to style
Features of silk twill fabric

Key Benefits

Unique Texture. Although it has diagonal texture characteristics, it can still provide a smooth texture and subtle sheen, making it a timeless choice for crafting fashionable high-end scarves.

Elegant Drape. Compared to other silk fabrics, it possesses a crisp texture, resulting in a superior and more fluid drape. It excels in fashion garments and accessory projects.

Excellent Strength. Silk fibers boast high strength, rendering finely woven silk twill fabric more durable in appearance while preserving long-lasting and vibrant colors.

Versatility. The breathable silk twill fabric ensures comfortable wear and structural features,  suitable for various end uses including the fashion industry.

Wide Range of Applications

Due to its rich characteristics, you can custom silk twill fabric on demand to start your projects:

  • A silk twill accessory to enhance the overall look. Creative inspirations include scarves, ties, shawls, pocket squares, handkerchiefs, bandanas, and more.
  • A silk twill garment for both beauty and comfort. Creative inspirations include dresses, blouses, pants, pajamas, tops, robes, kimonos, sarongs, theatrical costumes, uniforms, and even lingerie.
  • A home textile for durable and elevated style. Creative inspirations include curtains, tablecloths, cushions, pillowcases, and more.
  • A versatile twill silk material that combines artistry and functionality. Creative inspirations include custom canvas for painting and printing, handmade crafts, linings for garments and bags, and more.
Applications of silk twill fabric
How should I wash silk twill fabric?

Opting for dry cleaning is a conservative choice. However, you can also choose to hand wash or machine wash it, following the care instructions.
Use a specialized silk detergent and wash the fabric with water below 30℃. Make sure to avoid vigorous rubbing or wringing.

After rinsing it thoroughly, gently remove any excess water with a dry towel and allow it to air dry in a cool and shaded area.

Silk Twill vs Silk Satin

Both fabrics display distinct texture surfaces due to their different weaving techniques.

Silk twill fabric exhibits a subtle sheen and pronounced diagonal texture. Its structural texture enhances durability, making it ideal for projects that require shaping.

Silk satin fabric boasts a heightened luster and smoother surface, providing an elegant and captivating aesthetic. It is better suited for luxurious and sophisticated projects.

They are crafted from silk fibers, so both of them demand delicate care to preserve their exquisite appearance and ensure comfortable use.

What is the Difference Between Plain Fabrics and Silk Twill Fabrics?

  • Different appearance

Plain fabric is the same on both sides, with a monotonous texture. Silk twill fabric exhibits noticeable differences. The front side showcases a diagonal texture slanting upwards to the right (/), while the back side displays the opposite direction.

  • Different performance

Plain fabric is lighter and more breathable, providing a certain degree of abrasion resistance. Thanks to its tighter weave, silk twill fabric possesses a structured texture that offers a smooth, wrinkle-resistant surface and enhanced durability.

  • Different weaving method

The plain fabric utilizes the most fundamental weaving technique. The warp and weft yarns intersect evenly with a low density, resulting in a lightweight fabric. Silk twill fabric is woven by interlacing every two yarns, creating distinct diagonal line patterns and offering a denser feel.

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