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Custom-Designed Bandanas Manufacture

Sinosilk has a large stock over 100 designs or choose a custom-made bandana that are specifically tailored based on your requirements.

  • 14 years of experience in the industry
  • OEKO, SGS, Sedex, and BSCI certified
  • Wide range of fabric selection
  • 100pcs low MOQ
  • Turn-around time: 7 to 15 days

Personalized Bandana to Grow Your Business

Do you need a promotional item that people will actually use and wear? Our custom bandanas are a great option. Our bandanas can be spotted on people at various places, such as the local grocery store, music festivals, and more.

Sinosilk offers custom-designed bandanas that is a cost-effective choice for your business marketing efforts. With these bandanas, you can offer your customers a practical and easy way to add some colors to their outfit.  Its multifunctional design makes it able to be used as sun protection, headscarf, handkerchief, and more.

As a leading manufacturer for 14+ years, we are committed to providing custom bandanas to small business owners or large global companies with a promise to deliver an impact to your customers. We offer a range of design options, including assistance from our expert graphics team, editable templates, and the option to upload your own design. Send us your inquiries today!

Different Styles of Custom Bandanas

Custom Classic Square Bandanas
Classic Square Bandana

It has a printing size of up to 35 inches maximum. It can be screen printed, digital printed, sublimated or embroidered.

Custom Triangular Bandana
Triangular Bandana

Usually, our triangle bandana has a minimum quantity order of 100pcs.

We offer pet-friendly organic cotton fabrics to customize your design or LOGO bandana.

Choose from full neck or half neck designs with sublimated printing method.

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Different Materials of Custom Bandanas

Custom Polyester Cotton Bandanas
Polyester Cotton Bandana
4 Products Found.

Different Hems of Custom Bandanas

Baby Hemming
Baby Hemming
Zig-zag Hemming
Zig-zag Hemming
Overlock Hemming
Overlock Hemming
3 Products Found.

About Our Bandana

Perfect Size
Perfect Size

We offer a standard bandana size which is 22-inch x 22-inch. It is perfectly designed to wear for the head and neck. However, we can also manufacture based on your desired sizes.

Extensive Fabric Options
Extensive Fabric Options

We use the highest quality fabrics for your bandanas including silk twill, silk satin, silk georgette, silk cotton, silk tencel, polyester, silk wool twill, and more.

Quality Printing
Quality Printing

Whether it’s for your brand or business, we provide a high-quality printing method that will incorporate your designs, logo, and other marketing options.


All our bandanas are printed with designs using water-based inks. Therefore, providing a vibrant color and quality print while maintaining environmentally-friendly design.

How We Customize Your Bandana?

Full-Color Printing. We can customize your bandana using full-color printing methods. Thus, whatever your designs, we can surely make your ideal bandana into reality.

Edge-to-Edge Printing. Using our advanced printing methods, we can print your bandanas all over to the edges.

How to Start Your Customized Bandana Order?

  1. Choose the appropriate fabric, size, and print method that aligns with your design from our wide options based on your needs. Then, select the suitable hemming method to add the finishing touches to your bandana.
  2. Determine the quantity of bandanas you require based on your product plan, and we will provide you with a quote based on the order quantity.
  3. Provide us with your design to print in PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, AI, or other compatible formats.
  4. If needed and time permits, we can create a pre-production sample for you after payment. Then, we can take photos or send the sample to you for confirmation.
  5. Upon receiving your approval, we will commence production according to the sample details.
  6. After production is completed and passes our quality inspection, we will begin transporting the products using DHL, UPS, FedEx, or sea shipping.

Digital Printed Bandana

Digital printed bandanas can support any design and color customization, functioning similarly to a standard paper printer by directly printing the design onto the bandana using inks.

Traditional digital printing only prints on one side of the bandana, and the printing effect on the back side becomes less satisfactory as the bandana thickness increases.

However, with double-sided printing,this issue has been effectively resolved, allowing for printing on both sides of the bandana to ensure consistent quality on both the front and back.

Screen Printed Custom Bandana

Screen printing on bandanas can be divided two ways: hand screen printing and machine screen printing. Before the actual printing process,pre-press treatment is necessary. The design is first separated into different colors and then transferred onto a mesh using a special preparation under UV lamps, creating what is known as a screen plate. After making this plate, the printing work can be carried out step by step. Hand screen printing on bandanas boasts vibrant colors. Machine screen printing is an affordable option in the customization of large order printed bandanas.

Heat Transfer Sublimation Bandana

Sublimation offers photo-realistic effects on your bandana. It uses special inks to print a high-resolution photograph. This technique allows for precise reproduction of images with excellent color and detail accuracy.

This printing technique is often used to create custom designs on bandanas, resulting in vibrant colors and intricate details. It can be used as a fashion accessory or promotional item. They are available in various sizes and designs, and can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences.

Embroidered Bandana

Embroidered bandanas use needle and thread to decorate the bandana through sewing. Traditionally embroidered by hand, modern technology has been upgraded to use advanced embroidery machines employing multiple colors of thread to create more ornate embroidered bandanas with shorter production times and greater consistency of the finished product.

Can I order mix and match bandana colors?

Yes. For example, you can order 100 bandanas with different colors based on your needs.

Do you offer a bandana sample?

Yes. We offer free sample so you can check the quality first. However, sample freight is charged by the client.

What format do I need to send if I provide my own artwork for printing?

Regarding design images, we advise file type in tiff, AI, psd, jpg, pdf, etc, with resolution 150-300 dpi. You can send your images to our email via wetransfer or dropbox. If the file is not large, you can transfer directly via email.
If you don’t have this kind of file, we can also work with another format. Just send us your inquiries so we can help you.

Can you print the bandanas on both sides?

Yes, upon your request. Our advanced machines are able to print bandanas on both sides.

What color do you use to print the bandanas?

Usually we follow PMS or Pantone number.

Do you ship bandanas to any country?

Yes. We can ship your bandana orders wherever you are through DHL, FedEx, UPS, and more.

What is the turnaround time for customized bandanas?

There are several factors that affect the turnaround time for custom bandanas, including the method of printing, the hemming, the quality, and the quantity demanded. As a rule, samples typically take 5-10 days and the overall production of an order takes 15-25 days.

Can you customize linen bandanas or other materials?

Of course, we offer you a range of customized bandanas in high-quality fabrics. You can contact us directly with your request.

What Is the Best Way to Customize Bandana Prints?

When customizing bandana prints, it’s important to consider your specific needs. If you need an intricate design in multiple colors and a quick turnaround time, digital printing is the best way to go. On the other hand, if you have a larger order and are concerned about cost-effectiveness, screen printing is more economical and ideal for you. For bandanas that need to be customized with two different prints on both sides, double-sided digital printing is recommended.

What Is the Best Fabric for a Printed Bandana?

You can choose the most suitable fabric for your needs and design. If you want a luxurious and upscale bandana, silk is the ideal option. If you pursue a wrinkle-resistant effect and durability, then affordable polyester fabric is very suitable. Cotton offers a softer and lighter feel and the blended fabrics provide an excellent balance of benefits. To achieve the desired results, it’s necessary to have a clear understanding of your requirements before making a final fabric choice.

What Advantages Do You Have Over Other Competitors?

Compared with competitors in the same industry, we excel in price, production, and service. As a professional bandana manufacturer, you gain access to the most favorable customization rates directly, bypassing any added costs from local intermediaries.

In terms of production, we have 15 years of extensive experience and a deep reservoir of professional knowledge, enabling us to effectively tackle any challenges that may arise during the manufacturing process.

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide you with expert advice and promptly address any inquiries you may have.

Furthermore, our design team possesses boundless creativity and can create patterns that perfectly align with your requirements, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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