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Do you find that plain-colored fabrics lack the boldness you desire for your projects? It’s time for a change! You need brighter and more fashionable printed fabrics to help you take your business to the top and lead the way. Sinosilk is your trusted and professional custom fabric printing manufacturer in China.

We stay up-to-date with fashion trends and offer the most popular and comprehensive collection of premium fabrics available today. Using advanced printing technology, we bring your designs to life on the fabric. You have the flexibility to customize printed fabrics by meters or yards according to your specific needs.

Our one-stop custom fabric printing service guarantees clear and long-lasting prints, and exquisite fabrics. The strict supervision of environmentally friendly production methods ensures your peace of mind.

To access highly competitive prices with our lowest MOQs or to request a free sample pack, please send us an inquiry now.

Browse Our Fabric Printing Family

  • Combine sophistication with vibrant colors for a visually stunning impact. Choose from a variety of textured options, including printed silk satin, printed silk twill, printed silk chiffon, printed silk organza, printed silk CDC, printed georgette, and more.

  • Printed Silk Blended Fabric
    Printed Silk Blended Fabric

    Unique printed designs on silk blended fabrics that offer lasting appeal. Popular choices include printed stretch silk satin, printed silk cotton, printed silk modal, printed silk wool, printed silk linen fabrics, and more.

  • Enjoy the luxurious and gentle touch of these printed fabrics, providing ultimate comfort when worn. The fabric printing process brings vibrant and long-lasting displays to the surface. Affordable printed viscose fabrics are incredibly versatile, allowing you to showcase various design styles.

  • Indulge in the softness and smoothness of Lyocell Tencel fabrics, perfect for capturing the intricate details in your designs. Opt for printed Tencel fabrics to meet a wide range of needs, from fashion garments to home decor.

  • Experience the harmonious blend of natural charm and modern printed patterns with bamboo fabrics. These printed organic fabrics boast natural antimicrobial properties, ensuring a healthy and comfortable usage experience. Excellent moisture absorption enhances color presentation, elevating aesthetics to the next level.

  • Printed Linen Fabric
    Printed Linen Fabric

Customize Your Fabric Printing

Easily customize your best fabric printing by providing us with your design and selecting your preferred fabric. This way, you can dedicate your time to designing the purpose and marketing of your products. 

If you’re uncertain about fabric choices, our 24/7 customer service is here to offer professional advice, or you can request a free print fabric sample pack for confirmation.

  • Custom Fabric Printing Patterns: We have the capability to create fabric prints that align with your unique styles and design preferences. If you have elements or ideas, we also offer a wide range of designs for you to choose from, allowing for minor modifications to suit your needs.
  • Design File Specifications: We accept various file formats, including JPG, PSD, PDF, TIF, AI, and more, with a recommended resolution between 150 dpi and 300 dpi. Please select the RGB color mode.
  • Copyright Protection: We highly value design copyrights, so please ensure that you retain ownership of the copyrights for the artistic works, artworks, photos, logos, and other relevant designs you submit.
Customize Your Fabric Printing
Inspire Your Fabric Printing Applications

Inspire Your Fabric Printing Applications

  • Printed Clothing: Dresses, shirts, pants, pajamas, uniforms, linings, and more.
  • Printed Accessories: Scarves, ties, hats, gloves, and more.
  • Printed Home Decor: Sofa covers, chair cushion covers, curtains, pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, and more.
  • Printed Crafts: Wall hangings, tote bags, quilts, embroidery, and more.
  • Printed Car Interiors: Custom-printed seat covers, car interior linings, and more.

Our Advanced Printing Technology

Sinosilk boasts industry-leading printing machines and highly skilled craftsmen, ensuring that all processes are carried out in-house, guaranteeing standardized and environmentally controlled fabric printing techniques.

  • Environmentally Friendly Printing Technology

We utilize cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and pollution-free digital printing technology, coupled with eco-friendly reactive inks that are devoid of harmful substances. This combination yields stunning fabric prints for your creative projects.

  • Print Detailing

We excel in handling intricate design details, faithfully reproducing every line with precision. With the assistance of reactive printing, we achieve a wide spectrum of tones, vibrant colors, and long-lasting dyeing effects.

However, please note that minor variations from the prints may occur due to factors such as display screens, ink batches, and visual perception. We strive to replicate the design as accurately as possible and appreciate your understanding.

  • Post-Printing Treatment

We strictly adhere to environmentally friendly practices in fabric printing, ensuring rigorous control and recycling of wastewater generated during the printing process. These all benefit the environment. 

What Sinosilk Can Provide

For artists, designers, fabric and sewing enthusiasts
For artists, designers, fabric and sewing enthusiasts
  • Custom fabric printing online
  • Lowest MOQ
  • Various fabrics align with the latest trend
  • Flexible customization service
  • High-quality fabric printing
For companies, brands, and commercial organizations
For companies, brands, and commercial organizations
  • Customized fabric printing wholesale discounts
  • Create brand impact through custom logo-printed fabric
  • Consistent color and fabric quality
  • Fast delivery times
  • The most reliable fabric printing supplier

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