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bamboo silk fabric

Bamboo Silk Fabric

Bamboo Silk Fabric Factory

Made from 28% silk and 72% bamboo, Sinosilk bamboo silk fabric offers a luxurious and elegant feeling. It is a cheaper option compared to 100% silk fabric. This fabric also provides a lightweight and flowy texture due to its tight weaving. 

Our bamboo silk fabric also offers a beautiful satin finish while maintaining a heavy drape. It is also designed with high absorption and permeability, making it moisture-wicking and quick-drying. The fabric combines the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber with the luxurious and comfortable qualities of silk. It offers the best of both worlds.

At Sinosilk, we offer undyed white bamboo silk fabric. You can also custom fabrics with vibrant and unique patterns or purchase pure fabrics to meet your requirements.

You can guarantee that we provide bamboo silk at low MOQ, competitive prices, and wholesale quantity to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Undyed Silk Bamboo Fabric
Undyed Silk Bamboo Fabric
Plain Dyed Silk Bamboo Fabric
Plain Dyed Silk Bamboo Fabric
Plain Dyed Silk Bamboo Satin Fabric
Plain Dyed Silk Bamboo Satin Fabric
Printed Silk Bamboo Fabric
Custom Printed Silk Bamboo Fabric
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Why Choose Our Bamboo Silk Fabric?

100% organic. We use organically grown bamboo for the production of bamboo silk fabric.

Biodegradable. Rest assured that these fabrics will be biodegraded and decomposed due to their natural fiber construction.

Ideal Applications

Due to its versatility, our bamboo silk fabrics are ideal to be used for:

  • Blouses
  • Party dresses
  • Nightwear
  • Day wear
  • Scarves
  • Luxurious linings, and more

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