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silk pillowcase

Custom Silk Pillowcase

Wholesale Silk Pillowcase Factory in China

Made from 100% silk fabric, Sinosilk offers soft, luxurious, and elegant pillowcases. With the finest quality silk, these pillowcases are designed to provide your customers with a blissful night’s rest.

These pillowcases offer a soft, smooth, and sumptuous surface that caresses the skin. The natural properties of silk fabric allow friction reduction, thus preventing hair breakage for your customers. It also helps in minimizing sleep creases appearance.

Manufactured with attention to detail, our silk pillowcases are designed with hidden zippers, envelopes, and more closure styles. It also comes with a wide range of beautiful colors, size selections, and designs. Custom silk pillowcases are available to meet your requirements.

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or importer of silk pillowcases, Sinosilk is your best supplier. We offer wholesale silk pillowcases at low MOQ and competitive prices. Send us your inquiries today!

Custom Printed Silk Pillowcase
Custom Embroidery Silk Pillowcase
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Size Options

Toddler: 14-inch x 20-inch

Standard: 20-inch x 26-inch

Queen: 20-inch x 30-inch

King: 20-inch x 36-inch

In addition to the above sizes, you can tell us if you have other sizes you want.

Color Options

Over 90 colors for 16/19/22/30 momme can be chosen.

The color card and  free fabric sample swatches can be sent.

Silk Pillowcase Printing and Embroidery

  • Eco-friendly inks with OEKO-TEX 100 certification
  • Complex or simple patterns are acceptable
  • Both two sides or one side can be printed
  • Printing designs, paintings, and photos are available
  • Uses A 300 thread count for embroidery
  • Logo and label embroidery
  • 90 color choices for embroidery
Silk Pillowcase Printing and Embroidery
Edge Options

Edge Options

Oxford. This edge provides a 1.55 inches flange, making the pillowcase elegant.

Housewife. This style of pillowcase uses stitching to create a flat and clean look, and it is often considered a classic and low-key style.

Piping. This edge provides the silk pillowcase with the elegant decoration.

Closure Options

Envelope. With envelope closure, silk pillowcases can be pulled in or out easily. Pillows will not slide out, do not peek out, do not get wrinkled, and do not twist.

Zipper. Zipper closure is relatively inexpensive compared to the envelope.

Custom the Box of the Silk Pillowcase

Custom silk pillowcase looks very upscale, and to make it even more luxurious, we also offer custom gift boxes, such as lid and base style, flip style, drawer style and envelope style with your company’s logo and slogan, these can also be printed, embossed, hot stamped etc.

Why are Custom Silk Pillowcases Recommended?

Breathable. With its silk fabrics, these pillowcases can provide temperature-regulating properties making it breathable. Thus, it is ideal to be used for hot summer seasons.

Moisture-wicking. This pillowcase absorbs sweat and moisture easily preventing bacteria to build up.

The properties of silk make it less susceptible to sensitization. It is smooth and soft, which can reduce the friction between skin and  fabric to a certain extent after being made into pillowcases, making it great for people with sensitive skin.

It helps to keep skin healthy. Silk contains natural proteins, as well as 18 essential amino acids that can maintain the moisture balance. Use a silk pillowcase to help prevent wrinkles and reduce acne.

It can reduce hair breakage. Silk pillowcases prevent hair breakage and tangles because it effectively reduces friction and can prevent hair damage and frizz.

Silk pillowcase is very comfortable to use. Its texture is soft and smooth, which helps you sleep well.

Key Benefits

How should Silk Pillowcase be Cleaned and Preserved?

Hand washing silk pillowcase can effectively protect it from damage, rinse with lukewarm water using a moderate washing-up liquid. There is also the option of machine washing, which is done by separating it from the rest of the clothing in cold water. Then run the normal cycle with cold water and detergent.

Note that it can be dry-cleaned, but not bleached.

Hang the silk pillowcase in the shade to dry, then store it in a cool and dry place to prevent discoloration.

Select the Suitable Fabric

16 Momme Silk Satin

It is soft but relatively thin, it may break after many times of cleaning. For this reason , it is not recommended.

19 Momme Silk Satin

19mm silk satin has relatively  few quality problems and is much cheaper, making it a popular fabric in the market.

22 Momme Silk Satin

It is considered an excellent quality fabric for pillowcases. Compared with 19mm silk satin, its weave is finer, has better luster and texture, and is more durable. We have 90 color options for you.

30 Momme Silk Satin

Considered to be the best quality pillowcase fabric in the market, it is extremely luxurious and soft, and is commonly used in silk household items, but it is also relatively expensive.

22 Momme Slippy-Silk Satin

It is made of silk fabric that has been specially treated to make it smoother and slippy. Custom silk pillowcase with this fabric can help to reduce friction between skin, hair and pillowcase. This is very beneficial for those with sensitive skin. But it has relatively few colors.

Silk and Cotton Blend

Silk and cotton blended fabrics are soft, smooth, comfortable and durable. But it should be noted that the fabric is prone to shrinkage, and its price is cheaper.

We have another kind of pillowcase which is made of silk on one side and cotton on the other, the price of this kind of pillowcase is less than the silk pillowcase.

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