Custom Printed Silk Satin Fabric

  • 100% Mulberry silk
  • Reactive inks
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate
  • Free samples available
  • MOQ: 30 meter per design
  • Printed on single side or both sides
  • Width available: 94cm, 114cm, 140cm
  • Thickness available: 9/12/14/16/19/22/30/40 momme

Printed Silk Satin Fabric Factory

Sinosilk introduces a premium product within our extensive silk fabric collection—printed silk satin fabric. This natural silk textile holds immense potential in both the fashion industry and the apparel market. 

The fabric is made entirely of 100% silk, and the shiny satin is noble and smooth to the touch. Our printed silk satin fabric supports printing customization, you can choose from the wide variety of designs we offer or use your unique design with brand style or logo, no matter what pattern you choose, our professional factory can exceed your expectations and produce a printed silk satin fabric with bright color and exquisite details.

We understand that it’s not easy for a designer or a brand to succeed in this fashion journey full of unknowns, we extend the advantage of a low MOQ and competitive pricing. Feel free to reach out for inquiries!

Texture Characteristics

Crafted exclusively from 100% mulberry silk, the warp threads comprise ordinary crepe yarn, while the weft threads boast a heavy twist, tightly woven to yield an overall effect of delicacy and softness. Upon careful observation, one will discern the fabric’s sleek, lustrous facade on the front, complemented by a simple but elegant matte crepe finish on the reverse side. The printed silk satin fabric, adorned with these exquisite textures, has been meticulously cut and skillfully sewn by various creative individuals to have an amazing expression in fashion.

Printing Advantages

Printing Advantages

Elevating this already textured silk fabric, we employ exceptional printing techniques that transcend industry standards, enabling us to deliver premier effects. We use reactive printing technology, harnessing dyes infused with reactive groups that bond seamlessly with fiber molecules. This unique synergy ensures the dyes and fibers amalgamate into an indivisible entity, resilient against fading even with prolonged use and washing.

Printed Designs

Our customized printing patterns include various styles for your consideration—encompassing landscapes, florals, avian motifs, geometric arrangements, minimalist strokes, and others. Naturally, if you possess your distinctive design to custom, the outcome is enhanced even further. You will receive a splendid printed silk satin fabric featuring your brand’s original artwork.

Printed Designs

Different Usages

Its applications are diverse, affording owners the opportunity to explore a myriad of creative possibilities.

One of the foremost applications of printed silk satin fabrics resides within the realm of attire, with a focus on garments like wedding dresses, evening gowns, shirts, skirts, and lingerie. Additionally, forward-thinking designers leverage its potential to fashion accessories such as scarves, hair ties, bow ties, and headbands, or to infuse intricate detailing into necklines and cuffs.

Extending beyond the confines of fashion, our fabrics find utility within the domain of film producers and theater troupes, aiding in the creation of varied performance settings or distinctive appearances for actors.

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