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Do you feel distressed about how to make modal fabrics more stiff and crisp?  Or want to combine both the fineness of luxury fibers and the durability of modal in your products? Get your trouble cracked by silk modal fabrics.

Whether you need a natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable fabric, Sinosilk modal silk is a great choice. It has a wide collection, superior properties and various applications.

At Sinosilk, we supply undyed and plain-dyed silk modal fabrics. Modal fabrics with printing such as patterns, geometrics, and more can also be customized. We can also manufacture custom silk modal fabric according to your specific needs.

As a professional manufacturer, rest assured that we offer silk modal fabric in low MOQ and competitive prices to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

A Wide Collection of Wholesale Silk Modal Fabrics

Silk modal available by techniques Both blended and mixed
Width 114/140 cm (Others also available; send an inquiry for details)
Common proportion  85% modal &15% silk; 70% modal &30% silk; 60% modal & 40% silk; other proportions tailored to your needs.
Silk in the mixture 16/19/22 momme
  • undyed silk modal fabric
    Undyed Silk Modal Fabric

    Our undyed silk modal boasts a subtle and sophisticated texture and pristine, unadorned elegance. It affords ample room for your design and creation. Its inherent sheen adds a handle of luxury to any product, making it perfect for various applications.

  • Plain Dyed Modal Silk Fabric
    Plain Dyed Silk Modal Fabric

    Sinosilk’s silk modal fabrics are of top quality and take dye exceptionally well. They can display vibrant, rich colors that remain consistent and fade-resistant. This quality allows designers to create products with bold, striking hues or subtle, sophisticated tones, catering to a wide range of styles. We can offer a one-stop dyeing service; you only need to send us the Pantone code or a color swatch.

  • Printed Silk Modal Fabric
    Printed Silk Modal Fabric

    Our printed silk modal is a preferred choice for independent brands looking to combine the elegance and luxury of silk modal with personalized prints. This process not only adds stunning visual appeal to your products but also makes your business stand out with unique characteristics. Sinosilk is committed to providing convenience for our customers. Our in-house artists and technicians offer solid support for your customized printing needs.

Ideal for Different Applications

Silk modal is a type of fabric commonly used to manufacture different garments such as:

Different Applications for modal silk fabric


Silk modal is renowned for its combined texture and promoted aesthetics.

  • Smoothness
  • Soft
  • Waxy feel
  • Silky finish
  • Plant-based material
  • Good drapability

Rich Characteristics

Silk modal possesses promoted functionality, compared to its raw materials.

  • Soft and breathable. Silk modal is lightweight and permeable,  making it ideal for the production of close-fitting garments.
  • Absorbent. Our silk modal fabric is absorbent allowing it to become quick-drying and skin-friendly.
  • Odor-Resistant. We offer this fabric which is naturally odor resistant and does not get smelly.
  • Durable. Silk modal fabric can last long because of its good resistance to wear and tear. 
  • Resilient and stretchy. Silk modal fabrics can provide a relatively flexible fit, which is better than pure modal. This makes them ideal for garments expecting ease of movement. 
  • Biodegradable and sustainable. Silk modal garners its raw materials from 2 types of sustainable fibers. Consequently, they are biodegradable and compostable without complicated treatments. 

Moreover, silk modal assumes some natural gifts in promoting a garment business of pure silk and pure modal.

  • Better handling quality. This fabric takes up dyes and inks well and is ideal for various shapes.
  • More economical. Silk modal has a reduced cost of raw material.
  • A wider range of uses. Our silk modal fabrics find numerous applications in garments, finishing, bedding, etc. 
Rich Characteristics of modal silk fabric
Unleash Your Creativity With A Silk Modal Factory

Unleash Your Creativity With A Silk Modal Factory

Working with a manufacturer or factory can be fertile ground for business promotion and scaling. As a professional fabric factory, Sinosilk can provide many benefits for you, including but not limited to: 

  • Increased Profitability. Sinosilk’s factory is capable of bulk orders and offers silk modal Fabrics at competitive prices,  saving your fees for intermediate agents. 
  • A wide variety of choices and guaranteed quality. Our factory has collections of various fabrics, mainly of sustainable fibers like silk modal. We also provide products and accessories of these fabrics for you to choose from. With a passion for fabric manufacture, we prioritize customers’ needs for quality.
  • Custom-made products. Our factory masters technologies of fabric manufacturing and finishing. We can provide a variety of custom services for your silk modal orders, including dyeing and printing. 
  • Stay ahead of the competition. Founded for more than 10 years, Sinosilk has established itself in the textile industry. We have worked with more than five thousand brands and enterprises, including giants in the fashion and garment industries. We get command of the newest trends and information, favoring your development of new products. 

How Is Silk Modal Fabric Made?

Sinosilk is a fundi on both silk modal blended and silk modal mixed fabrics. Silk modal blended is woven a type of yarn blending silk and modal. A meticulous calculation is a must before precise chemical treatments are applied to manufacture blended yarns. 

Per contra, silk modal mixture is constructed by 2 types of yarns, pure silk yarns and pure modal yarns. Warps and weft yarns cross over and complement each other to make the inner structure of the mixture.

Silk modal blend Silk modal mixture
Touch Fluffy, soft, airy Soft, smooth
Structure Loose Tight
Applications Accessories like scarves garments
Silk Modal VS Modal Silk

They are totally different fabrics, though many use their names interchangeably. Silk modal is a blend or mixture of silk fibers and modal fibers. Modal silk is a type of art silk made of 100% regenerated cellulose, beech wood pulp. Silk modal contains natural silk while modal silk does not.

Does Silk Modal Fabric Make People Allergic?

For most people, silk modal fabrics do not cause allergies. Silk modal is soft and does not cause skin redness from friction. For those prone to eczema, silk modal is moisture-absorbent for its composition of two moisture-wicking fibers, which helps keep the skin dry, breathable, and less likely to cause eczema. 

Is Silk Modal Fabric Really Environmental?

Silk modal fabric is made from natural materials and is biodegradable. From this point of view, it is an environmentally friendly fabric. However, the production process for silk modal fabric requires the use of many chemicals, which can have a negative impact on the environment and the workers involved in the production. As a result, it is important for brands and suppliers to implement strict regulations on chemical and water management. Our silk modal fabric is manufactured under strict requirements to ensure that it is not harmful to the environment and workers.

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