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silk sleep mask

Custom Silk Sleeping Eye Mask Supplier

Sinosilk offers an extensive custom silk sleep masks design specifically tailored to your requirements.

  • 50pcs low MOQ
  • Certified by OEKO-100 standards
  • Made from 100% 6A Grade Mulberry Silk fabric
  • Customizable with your brand logo or pattern

Custom Silk Sleeping Eye Masks to Rocket Your Business

We offer high-quality silk sleep masks with custom designs. These are ideal for use in home, spa, travelling, and more setting. This makes them a versatile product that can appeal to a wide range of customers.

Our silk sleeping eye masks are designed with both comfort and luxury in mind. Thus, providing custom silk sleep masks to your customers means that it will fit all their requirements.

At Sinosilk, we offer a wide range of custom options for your silk sleep masks orders. It includes your brand logo, slogan, or design, making them a great marketing tool for your business.

Whether you need an affordable promotional item that can be used for giveaways, trade shows, or to skyrocket your business, Sinosilk custom sleep mask is your best choice! Send us your inquiries today!

Regular Silk Sleep Mask
Regular Silk Sleep Mask
Extra Large Silk Travel Eye Mask
Custom Print Silk Sleep Mask For Adults And Children
Custom Print Silk Sleep Mask For Adults And Children
Embroidery Front Velvet Back Silk Sleep Mask With Drawstring Bag
Embroidery Front Velvet Back Silk Sleep Mask With Drawstring Bag
Embroidery Logo Silk Eye Mask
Embroidery Pattern Silk Eyemask With Elastic Band
Embroidery Pattern Silk Eyemask With Elastic Band
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Why Choose Our Silk Sleep Masks?

Capable to Retain Moisture
Capable to Retain Moisture

Silk fabrics allows a proper moisture balance of the hair and skin. Its soft and smooth characteristics are ideal for sensitive skins. Therefore, you can assure that sleeping masks made from silk can maintain a healthy skin.

Enhances Sleeping Pattern
Enhances Sleeping Pattern

Silk sleep masks are an excellent tool for aiding sleep as they block out light, which can disturb our natural sleep patterns. By adding an ice bag or a heat band into the mask, it can also alleviate headaches.

Perfect for the Eyes
Perfect for the Eyes

Our silk sleep mask can be integrated with an ice bag. Thus, helping alleviate certain eye problems such as dark circles, redness, eye bags, and more. It is made from hypoallergenic silk fabric that is gentle on the skin.

Excellent Travel Option
Excellent Travel Option

Our silk sleeping masks are perfect for travelling due to its lightweight and compact design. It also blocks out light to achieve a conducive sleeping environment for an overall well-being during a flight or travel.

Size Options

Adult Size: 8.5” x 4.5”

Children Size: 7.1” x 3.1”

Toddler Size: 5.5” x 2.8”

Plus Size: 10” x 6”

Custom size is also available upon your request.

How We Customize Your Silk Sleep Mask Orders

Printing. We can incorporate your pattern or logo using screen or digital printing. Both sides of the mask can be printed using safe and eco-friendly inks.

Embroidery. Your logo can be embroidered on the mask using grade A 300 threads. Simple patterns can also be embroidered with clean and even thickness.

Sequins. Logo shape, artworks, and graphics can be incorporated in your sleep mask using an arranged sequin.

Band Options

Elastic. Elastic wide bands are commonly used in silk eye masks due to their good elasticity. Thus, it can comfortably fit most head sizes. The elastic band is typically covered with silk fabric providing an aesthetic appeal, softness, and comfortable feel against the skin.

Adjustable. is a type of elastic band that is combined with adjustable buckles. This provides the band with greater adjustability, allowing it to fit any head size without causing discomfort or tightness.

Infilling Options

100% Silk. Compared to other filling materials, silk infilling is softer and more breathable, making it more comfortable to wear against the skin. It’s also more environmentally friendly and degrades.

PP Cotton. It is a synthetic material that is lightweight and durable. It is a popular filling material for sleep masks because it is affordable and widely available. PP cotton infilling is known for its softness and comfort, making it a suitable material for sleep masks.

80% silk + 20% PP cotton. This mixture of silk and pp cotton is slightly cheaper than pure silk. It has the advantages of both materials: silk is soft and luxurious, and pp cotton is fluffy. The two materials are mixed together to make it both soft and supportive.

Packaging Options

Drawstring 100% silk or polyester satin bag: there are many colors of packaging bags you can choose. At the same time, the color of the drawstring is optional, which can be the same or different color with the bag. 

Gift box: we have prepared a variety of gift boxes for you, such as lid and base style, flip style, etc. These gift boxes will add luster to your eye mask.

Other Options

The additional layer of our sleeping mask can be used to insert an ice bag or a heat band to provide additional comfort and relief to the eyes. It can also be used to add herbs, such as lavender, which can help to relax and soothe the senses.

We offer both visible machine sewing and seamless hand sewing depends on the desired look and level of detail for your sleeping masks.

Sinosilk Silk Sleep Mask Design Available

Regular Shape

These sleeping masks are designed to fit well over the eyes to block out as much light as possible. We manufacture these masks using lightweight fabrics to assure comfortable feel on the skin.

Each mask is manufactured to fit the eye contour for maximum coverage. Thus, blocking out the light as much as possible.

It is also integrated with a small elastic strap so it will securely stan in place without causing a head pressure.


Large Shape

Due to its large shape, these sleeping masks can cover the entire eye up to the half face. Thus, ensuring that light cannot disrupt the sleeping pattern.

These masks are also manufactured with partial anti-noise design. Therefore, blocking out some of the external sound for a restful sleep.

This mask wraps around the entire head and is secured in place with a soft, adjustable strap, ensuring that it stays in place without causing any discomfort.

Choose from Different Fabrics Options for Your Sleeping Masks

Silk Satin 6-A Grade
Silk Satin 6-A Grade

Grade 6A silk satin is considered the finest and most luxurious type of silk fabric that is produced from pearly white cocoons. This grade of silk is made from the longest and most durable silk threads, which are carefully selected to ensure that there are no broken strands. Its smooth texture, natural sheen, and softness make it an ideal material for high-end sleep masks.

Slippy Silk Satin

Slippy silk satin is an upgrade from 6A-grade silk satin. It feels better and softer than 6A-grade fabric, so it also protects the skin around the eyes well. The color expression is also better and brighter. But it has relatively few color options.

Silk Velvet
Silk Velvet

Silk velvet is a luxurious fabric that combines silk and rayon materials to create a unique texture and appearance. The velvet fabric itself is made of rayon, while the base of the fabric is made of silk georgette. The combination of these materials creates a fabric with a beautiful, rich sheen that is unmatched.

Silk Satin Imitation
Silk Satin Imitation

Imitated silk satin is a type of fabric made from polyester that is designed to mimic the look and feel of real silk satin. It has a luxurious, smooth and silky texture, and a glossy appearance with one shiny and one dull side, just like real silk satin.

Silk Velvet Imitation
Silk Velvet Imitation

Polyester velvet is often combined with silk on the eye-touch side, which means that the part of the fabric that comes into contact with the skin is made of silk, providing a luxurious feel. This fabric is ideal for embroidery logos, as the dense pile surface provides a good base for the stitching to hold onto.

What is your silk sleeping masks MOQ?

We offer 50pcs minimum order quantity.

What is your lead time for my custom silk sleeping masks orders?

Normally, we provide 10 up to 25 days of lead time for silk sleeping masks if you order 500 pcs.

Do you offer return policy?

Yes. We offer return policy for faulty and reject sleeping masks.

How does the silk eye mask work?

How the silk eye mask works is straightforward. It can be very effective to help you block light interference to your eyes. Wearing the eye mask can help you create a good environment to produce melatonin. The brain then sends a signal that it’s time to sleep.

Human instinct is to fall asleep in the dark and stay awake when the surroundings are brighter. Silk eye masks help to create a dark environment to promote sleep. 

Eye masks are also helpful for people who have trouble falling asleep due to light sensitivity or irregular sleep schedules, it can effectively improve the quality of sleep.

In addition to blocking out the light, it can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

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