Custom Sarong Scarf

Custom Sarong Scarf

Digitally Printed Customized Pareo/Sarong

The vast sandy beaches are teeming with people dressed in various bathing suits, short skirts, and shorts. During this time, a fashionable sarong scarf with a branded logo will catch the attention of the fashion-forward crowd, creating a fashion frenzy. Whether you’re a brand or a company, seizing this opportunity will elevate your brand’s publicity efforts.

Combining your meticulous designs with your brand logo to customize prints, we utilize state-of-the-art printing machines operated by skilled workers to ensure clear and fade-resistant prints on the fabric of your choice. Our experienced workers pay meticulous attention to detail during the hemming process. Whether it’s hemmed by machine or by hand, the product delivered to you will be of exceptional artistic quality.

Sinosilk is a trusted manufacturer that can propel your business forward with our customized, high-quality, and beautifully crafted sarong scarves. These sarong beach wraps will serve as memorable marketing tools, strengthening your brand image, increasing awareness, and fostering stronger customer relationships. Additionally, our competitive pricing ensures cost-effectiveness. Start planning your marketing and advertising campaign now and reach out to us for a quote!

The Versatility of Multi-Sized Sarong Scarves

We can tailor the sarong cover-up scarf sizes to your specific needs. There are some popular sizes for your reference: 40″ x 58″,43″ x 53″, 39″ x 67″, 51″ x 51″,51″ x 67″. These customized sarong scarves are equally versatile despite their different sizes.

These sarongs with soft fabrics and a variety of sizes empower your customers to explore diverse styles. They can be used as a beach shawl, headband, belt, skirt, camisole, bathing suit cover-up, and more. The sarong beach wrap’s adaptability to different styles and occasions makes it an essential accessory for people seeking both fashion and functionality.

Multi-Sized Sarong Scarves
Sarong Scarf in various materials

Sarong Scarves in Various Materials

100% silk satin/twill/georgette/chiffon. Experience the sophistication and elegance of silk. Choosing silk fabrics to customize a sarong scarf will wow your clients and add a touch of glamour to your pattern designs. The lustrous fabric will make your designs glow in the sunlight, while the smooth silk lightly embraces the skin, providing a mesmerizingly comfortable feel.

100% viscose/rayon/modal. Choose man-made fibers for customized sarong scarves that can withstand frequent use. With these fibers, your clients will be able to maintain the shape of their sarong scarves over a long time without much effort. The color retention is good, ensuring vibrant colors even after multiple washes. Additionally, these sarong/pareo beach wraps are usually more affordable, making them an attractive option.

Cotton. Choose 100% cotton fabrics to create crisp and breathable sarong scarves for your clients. Skin-friendly and soft cotton is suitable for most customers, and its natural fibers won’t cause allergies. The moisture-wicking properties of cotton will allow your customers to enjoy the beach without worrying about the hot weather.

Silk cotton & Silk blend collection. Customize cost-effective and luxurious sarong scarves from the customer’s perspective. Silk blends offer a balanced combination of different qualities, providing the same comfort for various seasons and occasions. The unique texture of silk blends can enhance your design and increase the aesthetic appeal of the sarong scarf.

Polyester. Polyester is the preferred choice for making sturdy and durable sarong scarves. Smooth and neat, it has a silk-like look and feel, while also being wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying. This ensures that after your customers swim or play in the water, the sarong scarf will dry quickly and without discomfort.

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