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Are you looking for a type of high-end fabric suitable for various projects and captivating your customers at first sight? Sinosilk’s one-top silk satin fabric gives you the best solutions.

Wholesale 100% Mulberry Silk Satin Fabric

Silk satin, also called crepe satin plain and silk charmeuse, is a type of natural fabric of satin wave. It is woven from filament fibers garnered in silk cocoons. Silk satin fabric has different textures – one side is lustrous, and the other has a dull pearlescent effect for an overall luxurious look. Silk satin fabric has a high degree of market penetration because it fulfills most expectations of silk. No matter what product is made with it and later promoted for business or events, It has something and can make some progress.

At Sinosilk, we are committed to providing wholesale silk satin fabrics that embody elegance, luxury and quality. Our fabric is characterized by an opulent appearance, luxurious texture and unparalleled versatility, therefore, allowing different types of vibrant and textured hues, as well as sharp and detailed prints to come to life.

Are you an importer, wholesaler, retailer of silk satin fabric? Sinosilk is your best supplier. We have a diverse selection of silk satin fabrics to offer you. Whether you prefer undyed options, solid colors, or custom-printed designs, Sinosilk can provide you with fabrics of exceptional quality at competitive prices. 

Rest assured, our fabrics are not only environmentally friendly but also meet your high standards, qualified for the elevation of products and enrichment of brand image. Low MOQ is also available to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Our Curated Collection

Our silk satin fabric collection provides a wide selection of specifications. They are all composed of 100% PURE 6A GRADE MULBERRY SILK.

  • Undyed Silk Cotton Satin Fabric
    Undyed Silk Satin Fabric

    Undyed silk satin is featured by its original ivory hue and a natural pearly sheen, adding a sense of luxury to any design. It can be modeled into various and fluid shapes owning to its performance in drape. Sinosilk offers flawless undyed silk satin of all widths. Their premium quality makes them suitable canvas for all artistic and commercial projects. They are ideal for most manufacturing processes in the textile industry,  including painting, dyeing and printing.

    Thickness 12/14/16/19/22/25/30/40 Momme
    Gram weight 51/60/68/81/94/107/129/172gsm
    Width 94/114/140/250/280cm
    Shrinkage at an average of 3%
  • Sinosilk’s factory has a perfect mastery of dyeing and can satisfy all your needs for plain dyed silk satin fabrics. Our plain dyed silk satin stock for wholesale covers 96 colors, including classic hues and trend-led seasonal shadows. With a passion for silk, our factory strives for an incorporation of vibrance and texture. If you want the fabric dyed with a particular color, tell us the Pantone code or send a color swatch to us and we will reproduce it on the shimmery silk satin.

    Thickness 16/19/22/30/40 momme
    Gram weight 68/81/94/129/172gsm
    Color 96 colors for 114cm width; black and natural white for 140cm width; custom colors available
  • Whether you want to showcase bold, intricate designs, or vibrant patterns, our silk satin fabrics guarantee that your prints are eye-catching and vivid. Our factory is equipped with advanced technologies, brilliant artists and proficient technicians so that we can never fail to reproduce or recreate your artwork and ideas. We can also send a strike-off for you to check before mass processing.

    Thickness 9/12/14/16/19/22/25/30/40 Momme
    Gram weight 38/51/60/68/81/94/107/129/172gsm
    Width  114/140cm
    Pattern Off-the-rack designs available; customized realization of your artwork or artistic inspirations
    Type of dyes Both traditional and advanced dyes available, including reactive dyes
    Printing methods Digital printing(two- side digital printing included), screen printing, etc


In the manufacture of silk satin, the weft yarns mostly float on warp yarns and their interlacement is spaced out distributedly and evenly, every 4 or more yarns. This type of weaving structure is more dense and has fewer interlacing points than plain and twill. 

manufacture of silk satin

Advantages of Silk Satin Fabric

Silk satin fabric is widely known because of its numerous benefits to offer, including:

  • Outstanding luster and extreme smoothness. Silk satin fabric assumes both an unrivaled appearance of gloss and an unparalleled touch of smoothness, even superior to other types of silk. It is determined by its composition – natural and reinforced by its fabrication – satin.
  • Comfort: Silk satin fabrics have natural properties such as being soft, lightweight, and comfortable against the skin.
  • Breathability: The natural breathability of our silk satin fabric, makes it moisture-wicking, perfect for manufacturing clothing for various climates.
  • Drapability: Silk satin can create a beautiful drape around the body. Moreover, higher momme silk satin drapes better and is able to make more complicated shapes. 
  • Durability: Though silk seldom boasts its durability, silk satin has relatively good durability for its fine and tight weaving and that of higher momme is more resistant to wear and tear.

Explore Sinosilk’s Collection of 96 Stunning Colors

Including but not limited to:

  • Peacock blue
  • Extra Black
  • Orange Yellow
  • Champagne
  • Magenta
  • Marigold
  • Cameobrown
Explore Sinosilk’s Collection of 96 Stunning Colors
Uses for Silk Satin Fabric

Inspirations For Project Featuring Silk Satin Fabric

With different thickness options available for silk satin fabric, each serves a distinct purpose.

  • Thinner fabrics like 12, 14, and 16 momme are suitable for accessories like silk scarves, shawls, eyemasks, scrunchies, ties, and hand-painted fabrics.
  • Thicker fabrics are more suitable for durable home textiles that can withstand regular use and wear, such as silk pillowcases, sheets and quilt cover. Generally, thicker options come in 19, 22, 25, 30 and 40 momme.

Moreover, silk satin fabric is also commonly used in the textile and garment making industry, such as silk dresses, shirts, blouses, underwear, pajamas and robes, skirts, wedding dresses and stage curtains.

Silk satin of higher momme is more suited for structured garments. If you’re unsure about which fabric thickness to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to recommend the perfect silk satin fabric for your specific application.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Sinosilk's Wholesale Solutions

At Sinosilk, you can enjoy the multiple benefits of buying silk satin wholesale, such as: 

  • Cost efficiency: As a factory supplier, we attach more importance to quality and quantity, rather than commodity premium and sale kinetic energy.
  • Quality assurance: Our factory has a closed-loop on quality control, from silk satin yarns to custom silk satin fabrics. A luscious appearance, sumptuous texture and unparalleled versatility feature our 100% silk satin. 
  • A wide selection: Apart from various silk satin fabrics, you can also access corresponding products and other fabrics at Sinosilk.
  • Customer service: As a manufacturer and supplier, Sinosilk offers one-stop custom services. We persist in pushing the boundaries and bringing better customer service to our patrons. 
  • Closer gap between top brands and your business: We have established long-term relationships with over 5 thousand brands and enterprises, including world-famous ones. You can get close to your competitors and enhance your strength by working with us.
Unlock Your Business Potential with Sinosilk‘s Wholesale Solutions
Certified Sustainability and Safety

Certified Sustainability and Safety

Sinosilk adheres to our commitment to both consumers and the environment. Our silk satin fabric is certified to be safe for the body and sustainable, and granted the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification.

Are Satin and Silk the Same?

No. Satin, in a strict sense, is a type of weaving method while silk is a type of natural fiber. Meanwhile, “satin fabric” is also used to represent “polyester satin”, for its market penetration.  

What Is the Difference Between Satin and Silk?

Satin can be made of various fibers, including silk and polyester,  but is woven by the same weaving method. Silk for another is made of silk fiber but can be of different weaving patterns, such as plain, twill and satin.

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