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Sustainability: Sinosilk

Sinosilk has been funding research and development for an industry that is more environmentally responsible, consistently achieving reliable and noticeable outcomes.

GOTS Certified Silk Manufacturing

Sinosilk is extremely pleased to be one of providers of organic silk in China and to have received certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard.

As a GOTS certified business, we rigorously supervise all of our production procedures to guarantee that all fabrics are made under ethical and respectable working circumstances.

At least 95% of the fibers in our silk-woven fabrics are certified organic, and they are devoid of any potentially hazardous compounds.

This demonstrates to our customers that our products are genuine organics that were made with great care and responsibility.

GOTS Certified Silk Manufacturing
Printing with Less Energy

Printing with Less Energy

Sinosilk has placed, a special emphasis on increasing energy efficiency. First, by making major financial investments in the boiler house, the factory’s steam system is now controlled by a highly efficient burner, which results in a 12% reduction in fuel usage.

Second, by re-insulating the print shop roof, the biggest department on the property, screen printers will work in a better atmosphere with a 35% reduction in internal heal loss.

Lowering Textile Waste

By purchasing spun silk twill, a characteristic frequently overlooked by rival producers, Sinosilk is also committed to lowering the quantity of fabric waste generated during production.

Current initiatives include limiting the environmental damage caused by chemicals and lowering the carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of silk.

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