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Satin Silk Scarves

Custom Satin Silk Scarves

Sinosilk is a professional satin silk scarves manufacturer in China that offers luxury, style, and sophistication to match your customer’s needs.

Made from high-quality satin silk, these scarves boast a lustrous sheen and soft texture. Therefore, effortlessly gliding against the skin. This fabric that is smooth, breathable, and sumptuously comfortable, ensuring a delightful wearing experience.

We offer these scarves in timeless floral patterns to modern geometric prints. With a wide array of captivating designs and vibrant colors to choose from, Sinosilk can surely meet your business requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

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Double Sides Digital Printing Silk Satin Scarf
Double Sides Digital Printing Silk Satin Scarf
One Side Digital Printing Silk Satin Scarf
Screen Printing Silk Satin Scarf
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Custom Silk Satin Scarves

We can personalize and customize your design by printing it on a luxurious silk satin scarf. You can choose to have your own drawing, photo, or artwork printed on it. Additionally, these designs can feature your designer logo, brand, or company design elements. This way, you can effectively highlight your corporate or brand culture, enhance events, and accelerate business growth.

Wide Range of Satin Silk Scarves Sizes Available

You can choose from different sizes including:

  • tiny: 25 x 25cm; 36 x 36cm
  • small: 50 x 50cm; 55 x 55cm
  • medium: 60 x 60cm; 65 x 65cm
  • large: 90 x 90cm
  • oversized: 110 x 110cm; 135 x 135cm
  • long: 45 x 160cm; 50 x 180cm

Custom sizes of satin silk scarves are also available upon your requests.

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