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Sinosilk is a professional satin silk scarf manufacturer in China that offers luxury, style, and sophistication to match your customer’s needs.

Made from high-quality silk satin, these scarves boast a lustrous sheen and soft texture. Therefore, effortlessly gliding against the skin. This fabric is smooth, breathable, and sumptuously comfortable, ensuring a delightful wearing experience.

We welcome custom printing with your artwork or brand logos, allowing you to create a truly unique statement. Whether you prefer classic floral patterns or modern geometric prints, our wide selection has a design for every taste. With a wide array of captivating designs and vibrant colors to choose from, Sinosilk can surely meet your business requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

By Momme Weight

Whether you prefer a lighter, more drapey satin silk scarf or a heavier-feeling one, Sinosilk has you covered. We offer satin silk scarves in a range of momme weights, from 12mm to 30mm.

By Printing

We can personalize and customize your design by printing it on a luxurious silk satin scarf. You can choose to have your own drawing, photo, or artwork printed on it. Additionally, these designs can feature your designer logo, brand, or company design elements. This way, you can effectively highlight your corporate or brand culture, enhance events, and accelerate business growth.

  • One Side Digital Printing Silk Satin Scarf
    One Side Digital Printing Silk Satin Scarf

    By fully utilizing one side of satin silk scarves, one side digital printing satin silk scarf is enough to showcase your brand image, making it perfect for large-scale promotional giveaways. It is a relatively cost-effective way to create custom silk satin scarves for your business.

  • Double Sides Digital Printing Silk Satin Scarf
    Double Sides Digital Printing Silk Satin Scarf

    For a more sophisticated and luxurious look, double sides digital printing is the way to go. This option allows artists to showcase their work on both sides of the beautiful satin silk. We offer a wide variety of double sides printing options, ensuring your artwork is faithfully reproduced.

  • Screen Printing Silk Satin Scarf
    Screen Printing Silk Satin Scarf

    For simpler designs, like geometric patterns, custom screen printing is the ideal choice. It’s particularly well-suited for wholesale orders, offering a lower price per meter than digital printing despite a higher minimum order quantity. The ink penetrates the fabric deeply, creating rich and vibrant colors.

Wide Range of Satin Silk Scarves Sizes and Shapes Available

Satin silk is great for square scarves and oblong scarves. You can choose from our popular sizes including:

Square Satin Silk Scarves: 25 x 25cm; 36 x 36cm; 45 x 45cm; 50 x 50cm; 55 x 55cm; 60 x 60cm; 65 x 65cm; 89cm x 89cm; 110 x 110cm; 135 x 135cm and more.

Rectangle Satin Silk Scarves: 45cm x 150cm, 45cm x 160cm, 50 x 180cm, 65cm x 180cm, 135cm x 250cm, 110cm x 200cm, and more.

Custom sizes of satin silk scarves are also available upon your request. Except square scarves and oblong scarves, diamond scarves, skinny scarves, triangle scarves, and infinity scarves are also available for satin silk. Contact us and customize your style on demand right now.

custom scarf sizes
Custom Hemming Options Available

Custom Hemming Options Available

We offer a variety of hemming options for your custom satin silk scarves, consult our professional consultant to choose the right hemming style for your project.

  • Hand Rolled
  • Machine Roll Hem
  • Machine Baby Hem
  • Machine Triangle Hem
  • Tassel
  • Fringe
  • Seamless Double Layer with Fringe

Hangtags & Packaging: Your Choice

Your satin silk scarf’s print isn’t the only way to express your brand’s style. The design of your hangtags and packaging can amplify your message and create a cohesive brand experience.

We offer a wide range of customization options in sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. After finalizing your custom satin silk scarf design, our consultants are here to help you choose the perfect hangtags and packaging that perfectly complement your vision.  Let’s work together to create a cohesive brand experience.

Hangtags & Packaging Your Choice

Sinosilk: Your Reliable Custom Satin Silk Scarves Manufacturer

Sinosilk: Your Reliable Custom Satin Silk Scarves Manufacturer

Wide Selection

Create a truly unique satin silk scarf with our extensive selection. From endless print designs to three printing methods, unlimited size and shape options, and a full range of rolled hem, hangtag, and packaging options, you have complete creative control.

Sustainable Quality

Sinosilk is committed to sustainability and quality. Our satin silk scarves meet OEKO-TEX® standards, and our printing inks are environmentally friendly. This ensures a green production process, reflecting your commitment to sustainability and communicating it effectively to your customers.

Personalized Service

Need help choosing the right printing method for your custom satin silk scarves? Our consultants are available 24/7 to assist you. If you have a preferred printing method but need design assistance, our team of professional designers can help. Just tell us your needs and we’ll create a design that exceeds your expectations.

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