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Wholesale Custom Scarves

We have over 10 years of providing custom print on demand scarves to fashion brands, designers, artists, schools, companies, museums and distributors around the world.

  • 50 pieces MOQ
  • More than 100 fabric options
  • Printing on one or both sides
  • Quality Guaranteed

Customized Scarves Manufacturer in China

Custom scarves have a multitude of uses and can be worn from head to toe. They cater to a broad spectrum of individuals, ranging from children to the elderly, and even pets can sport them. Alternatively, they can be used purely for showcasing the intricate designs of scarves, making for exquisite decorations. Furthermore, custom-made scarves serve as an excellent means to promote your team, event, or business.

Our custom scarves are meticulously crafted from the finest materials, ensuring luxurious softness and durability. Every stitch is executed with precision and care, resulting in a scarf that is as durable as it is stylish.

Whether you want to showcase a unique pattern, design or logo, our advanced printing technology ensures vibrant, true-to-life colors and sharp details, bringing your vision to life. Our team of skilled artisans ensures that your design is translated flawlessly onto the fabric.

Each custom scarf undergoes rigorous quality checks before being carefully packaged and delivered to you. As a professional scarves manufacturer, rest assured we provide competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

You can select the type, fabric, method of the printing, the size, edge, label and package of scarf that you’d like to buy. Based on your needs, we will give you some professional suggestions. Then you can upload your artworks according to our requirements and pay the proofing fee. We’ll take care of the rest, you just need to wait for a short time. Send us your inquiries today!

Get Inspiration

We make custom printed scarves for clients in a wide variety of fields:

Why Choose Sinosilk?

Years of Expertise

With our own factory dedicated to custom scarf manufacturing, we bring extensive industry experience to every project. Our skilled team continuously refines printing techniques and post-processing technologies to ensure top-notch quality.

Advanced Equipment

Our facility is equipped with Japanese Kyocera print heads, German washing technology, and three types of digital double-sided printing machines to meet diverse production needs.

Quality Assurance

We select Grade 6A mulberry silk, with each meter of fabric meticulously handpicked. Each scarf undergoes three rounds of rigorous quality checks.

Design Services Available

Whether you need custom designs or prefer our original designs, our team is here to assist you. Our professional designers will collaborate with you to create a unique design that reflects your style and preferences.

Free Swatches Available

We offer a free fabric sample pack for you, just pay a nominal shipping fee. This will enable you to not only experience the material and texture of the scarf firsthand but also check out the print before making a decision.

Scarves Sizes We Provide

We manufacture popular sizes including:

Square Scarf: 13” x 13”, 20” x 20”, 26” x 26”, 36” x 36”, 43” x 43”, 55” x 55”

Long/Shawl: 12” x 71”, 21” x 69”, 26” x 78”, and more

Skinny Scarf: 2” x 48”, 3” x 62”, and more

Diamond Scarf: 11” x 51”, 17” x 46”

Custom scarf sizes are also available.

Fabrics for Scarves Production

We use different silk fabrics such as silk twillsilk satinsilk chiffonsilk organzasilk habotai, and more.

We also use silk blend fabrics, like silk cotton, silk modal, silk wool, silk cashmere, silk bamboo, silk linen, and more.

And 100% cotton, viscose, rayon, tencel modal, wool, polyester and more.

If you have specific fabric selection, don’t hesitate to tell us your requirements.

Common Scarves Printing Methods

Single Side Digital Printing

Through digital printing, we are able to print on demand scarves with complex designs, images, and artwork.

This printing method only requires a short manufacturing time. Mass production of digitally-printed scarves will take 15 to 20 days while samples take 7 to 10 business days.

The minimum order quantity of each digital-printed scarf starts from 30 pieces per design.

However, digital printing inks can only reach the front within 50% to 60% and can’t penetrate well.

Double-Sided Digital Printing

This printing method also uses digital printing techniques, however, it allows us to print each scarf on both sides.

With double-sided printing, different or the same pattern can be shown in one scarf.

The minimum order quantity for these scarves starts from 50 pieces per design.

However, this process takes a longer time to produce.

Screen Printing

Screen printing offers several advantages when it comes to printing designs on scarves.

It allows for excellent color opacity and vibrancy on fabric. This ensures that your designs on scarves are bold and eye-catching.

The ink used in screen printing is highly resistant to fading, ensuring that your designs maintain their vibrancy and integrity over time.

We offer 200 pieces per design minimum order quantity for each screen printed custom scarves.

Popular Scarves Hemming

Customized Packaging

We offer other custom options such as custom logo, custom labels, custom hangtags, and custom packaging.

Alias for Scarf

Scarves have many aliases depending on their style and purpose.

  • Infinity scarf: A circular scarf with no beginning or end that warps around the neck in a continuous circle.
  • Foulard: Refers to a light and smooth scarf that is worn around the neck, usually rectangular or square in shape.
  • Muffler: Often used interchangeably with “scarf”, especially in colder regions. It is given to longer, thicker scarves designed specifically to keep you warm. 
  • Babiators: Usually a special scarf used by children, featuring sleeves to protect the arms, shoulders, and neck in cold weather.
  • Wrap: A stylish and warm scarf that can be worn around the shoulders or draped over the body.
  • Neckwarmer: A shorter-length but comfortable scarf that keeps you warm.
  • Snood: A round scarf that can be pulled over the head to keep the neck and head warm.
  • Kerchief: A triangular or square scarf that is tied around the head, face, or neck for protection or decoration.
  • Pashmina: A luxurious yet soft scarf that can be worn as a shawl, usually made of cashmere.
  • Ascot: Typically made of silk, men wear it as a tie with formal shirts and suits.
  • Neck scarf: Originally worn by outdoor workers, this small scarf has now become a popular fashion accessory.
Can We Match Pantone Colors?

Before commencing the design process, kindly share your requirements and furnish us with the Pantone color values you desire. If feasible, provide us with some details about your brand to facilitate the creation of a design that aligns with your preferences and brand identity.

Can I Use Block Colors in My Design?

It’s a risky choice that we advise against. Block colors are less suitable for digital printing compared to designs with multiple patterns and colors. Uneven printing or ink spots can be more noticeable on a solid color or white background due to block colors, potentially affecting the print outcome. Color overlapping between different blocks, especially in double-sided printing, can also pose challenges. To ensure the highest product quality, we recommend avoiding the use of block colors in your scarf design.

What is the Best Time to Wear a Scarf?

As a fashionable accessory, a scarf is suitable for all seasons. Moreover, when the weather turns chilly, wearing a scarf not only adds style but also provides essential warmth, shielding you from the cold.

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