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Your Professional Custom Silk Product Manufacturer

Sinosilk, a Hangzhou, China-based silk manufacturer established in 2016, is dedicated to sharing the beauty of Chinese silk with the world. We believe in integrity and trustworthiness, reflected in our name and our commitment to providing high-quality, custom-made silk scarves, fabrics, sleepwear, accessories, and home textiles on demand. As a pioneer in Chinese silk, we are constantly innovating to provide the best service.

Whether you’re a brand or distributor with wholesale needs, or an individual artist with a small order, we offer flexible and attentive service to create custom solutions for your unique needs. We value every trust placed in us. From consultation to completion, our professional team ensures the highest quality and meticulous attention to detail. Trust Sinosilk to empower your business with unique, premium silk designs.

Our Past, Our Present, Our Shared Future

After graduating from college, Iverson Wang, founder of Sinosilk, worked as an international sales representative for a silk company. There, he gained expertise in both silk and international trade.
Iverson Wang teamed up with other silk enthusiasts in Hangzhou, the capital of silk, to establish Sinosilk.
Sinosilk's team has grown to 15 people, driving the company to surpass $2 million in sales, marking a significant step forward.
Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sinosilk never let our customers down. We maintained a steady supply of products and provided free medical supplies to help them through the crisis.
Sinosilk was among the first in China to implement double-sided digital printing, a solution to the problem of poor coloring on the reverse side of fabric.
Sinosilk's team grew to 20 people, and we moved to a new location to create a better work environment for its employees, supporting our rapid growth and ongoing innovation in product technology.
Sinosilk's factory got a major upgrade with the addition of five new, advanced production machines. These machines are using the latest technology to boost efficiency and improve quality control.
Thanks to the hard work of our team and the trust of our customers, Sinosilk has hit a record high of over $10 million in sales. We've seen a five-fold increase in sales over the past five years.
With over 100 customers visiting our company and factories, we're actively expanding our global footprint. We're also participating in international exhibitions in Hong Kong, Poland, and Russia to showcase the beauty of Chinese silk and look for partners who share our vision for mutual success.
Weaving Our Shared Future: Innovation, Sustainability, and People
We're aiming to be a globally recognized silk brand, empowering over 10,000 customers. We'll continue to push the boundaries of fabric innovation and make our manufacturing process even more environmentally friendly. We're also committed to our employees' growth and development, delivering exceptional service with their expertise.

About the Founder: Iverson Wang

“Growing up in a family where sericulture was our means of livelihood, I witnessed the immense effort put into each silk cocoon and developed a deep love for this exquisite fabric. This passion led me to join the silk industry after graduation. Having witnessed first-hand the transformation of the silk industry and the rise of cross-border e-commerce, I saw a huge potential to revolutionize the way Chinese silk is experienced globally. I couldn’t ignore the lack of market transparency and the unfair treatment of workers within the industry. These problems fueled my determination to create a better solution for both customers and employees. I am proud to say that the Sinosilk team and I have brought clarity to the world of silk and shared the beauty of Chinese silk with people around the world.”

About the Founder
Repaying Society with Responsibility

A Caring Company: Repaying Society with Responsibility

Our mission is to create value for ourselves, our partners, and society. This commitment drives us to prioritize responsibility in all our actions. 

We consider our employees valued family members. We provide competitive salaries, comprehensive insurance, and safety training to ensure their well-being. We are dedicated to environmental sustainability, using green production methods to create a healthier workplace and contribute to a better planet. 

We believe in giving back to the community through meaningful charitable donations and supporting organizations like the Red Cross and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. We actively participate in local initiatives, fostering community development and providing employment opportunities. 

We strive to be a force for positive change, leaving a lasting positive impact on the world.

Making Silk an Easier Choice

We are committed to quality and sustainability, using only the finest materials such as 6A grade silks and eco-friendly dyes. Our skilled workers meticulously craft each silk product to meet the highest standards. With updated equipment (e.g. Homer 1800, Atexco S series, and Atexco D series), including 3 advanced double-sided printing machines, we offer a comprehensive range of silk products with unmatched quality.
Simplify your design and production process with our one-stop, customizable service. We have the largest number of professional sales consultants in the industry, offering personalized solutions with expertise for your needs. Our professional designers offer bespoke design services, showcasing your brand concept through unique designs.
Starting a business or managing inventory can be challenging. That's why we welcome low MOQs and offer competitive pricing with discounts to help your business take off. Our commitment to quality and service never wavers, no matter the size of your order. Moreover, our efficient delivery times ensure that you stay ahead in the market.

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