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Silk Organza Fabric

Custom Silk Organza Fabric

Looking for a well-shaped and sheer fabric to boost your business? Sinosilk silk organza fabric is your best choice. These fabrics provide smooth, flat, and strong textures. It is also an open-weave fabric characterized by very small holes and additional stiffeners making it naturally stiff.

Silk organza fabrics are also known for their low density. Thus, you can guarantee stunning transparency, a lightweight, and thin structure. Sinosilk offers silk organza fabric that is durable enough to withstand embellishment applications such as embroidery and printing.

At Sinosilk, we provide silk organza fabric in extensive sizes, thicknesses, and color selections. Custom options are also available to meet your specific requirements. Send us your inquiries today!


By Thickness

  • 5mm Silk Organza Fabric
  • 8mm Silk Organza Fabric
  • 10mm Silk Organza Fabric

Silk Organza Fabric Properties

Sheer. This fabric has the ability to magnificently catch and reflect lights allowing it to have beautiful sheerness.

Transparent. Silk organza is woven with continuous and small holes that allow transparency of the fabric.

Well-shaped. Silk organza fabric is woven using raw silk without degumming of silk, resulting in a crisp texture and stiff property. Due to that, this fabric can provide a more structured drape rather than flowy.

Lightweight. Due to its lightweight and thin characteristics, silk organza is great for layering purposes.

Breathable. This fabric is airy making it breathable and comfortable to use.

Ideal for Different Applications

Bridal Wear. With its lustrous, lightweight, and breathability, silk organza is ideal for making bridal wear.

Costumes. Using silk organza fabric for costumes will surely shine when exposed to the stage lighting.

Decorations. These fabrics are ideal for making home decorations since they can provide vibrant colors and styles.

Silk Organza and Silk Chiffon – Their Difference

Although these two fabrics are mostly similar in terms of weight, sheer, and more textures, they differ when it comes to their ability to drape. Silk chiffon is flowy while silk organza is stiff.

Another difference is also their purposes. Silk chiffon is mostly used for overlaying, providing a flowy and soft dress. On the other hand, silk organza is good for layering with go-to structure in gowns and skirts.

Silk Organza and Chiffon – Their Difference

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