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Custom Silk Kaftan

Custom-made Silk Kaftan Manufacture in China

Sinosilk’s custom silk kaftan collection offers a wide array of styles and designs for you to choose from, all based on your provided design sketches. These kaftans are known for their intricate patterns and prints, but we’re just as skilled at crafting simple patterns or solid-colored silk kaftans for your clients who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. Whether you envision elegant ankle-length gowns or lively short styles, we can fully tailor the length and neckline to match your specifications. You also can opt for a classic V-neck, Mandarin collar, or round neckline.

When it comes to customization, we don’t just provide a broad selection; we also boast extensive experience and a professional team ready to offer expert customization advice, including guidance on fabric selection. Our silk fabrics are exclusively crafted from top-quality 6A-grade mulberry silk. Options such as silk satin, silk chiffon, silk georgette, silk twill, and others can amplify the luxurious and flowing texture of our silk kaftans. Simply share your ideas with us, and we’ll recommend the most suitable fabric to create the perfect custom silk kaftan for you. 

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  • Print Your Design Luxury Silk Kaftan
    Print Your Design Luxury Silk Kaftan
  • Flowers Print Pure Silk Kaftan
    Custom Wholesale Flowers Print Pure Silk Kaftan
  • Design Your Own Artwork Silk Kaftan
    Design Your Own Artwork Silk Kaftan
  • Custom Short Silk Kaftan for Women
    Custom Short Silk Kaftan for Women


Silk is a natural, lightweight fiber known for its breathable qualities. These kaftans made from this material share the same characteristic of being exceptionally lightweight. Its incredible softness and smooth texture make it easy to slip on and off. Even in hot weather conditions, it won’t compromise the wearing experience and allows for moisture absorption and sweat-wicking without feeling sticky.

Lightweight-silk kaftan
Customizable-silk kaftan


Sinosilk offers a wide range of choices and an enhanced customization process to support your latest business needs. Beyond design and fabric, you can also choose the fabric thickness to achieve your desired design effects. We can even customize labels or hangtags for you, saving you valuable time and effort.


Silk kaftans are loose and comfortable, and the elegant silk fabric gracefully drapes over the curves of any body shape, making them suitable for various occasions. Different lengths create various style effects. Your customers can wear them for a simple, relaxed look or enhance the image by adding accessories like belts. They can also be paired with pants or skirts, making them versatile for vacation wear or as stylish swimwear cover-ups that provide protection against UV rays.

Multifunctional-silk kaftan
Eco-Friendly-silk kaftan


Our silk kaftans strictly adhere to sustainable development principles right from the source, ensuring they are environmentally friendly and pollution-free. This not only protects the environment but also upholds the health and rights of our workers, ensuring the well-being of your customers. During the manufacturing process, there is no pollution emissions or noise. We are fully committed to sustainable development and ethical practices.

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