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Sinosilk offers a comprehensive custom service for silk wool fabric. Our wide selection includes plain-dyed silk wool fabric, undyed silk wool fabric, custom prints, and colors of silk wool fabric. Our fabric boasts remarkable characteristics. Blended from natural fibers, it offers the best of both worlds, with excellent drape and an elegant natural sheen that enhances its aesthetic appeal. The wool component provides excellent insulation, making the fabric soft and warm. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for sensitive skin.

Our custom fabrics are of reassuring quality. The combination of silk and wool makes the fabric more durable. Its excellent color retention and the use of reactive printing and dyeing technologies ensure that it remains vibrant even after prolonged use. Using natural materials and environmentally friendly ink won’t restrict your creativity in any application. Feel free to create and express your ideas and passion.

We have strict control over the quality and delivery of our products, and our dependable logistics ensure the timely delivery of every order. We are priced by meter or yard, allowing flexibility for your projects. No matter the size of your project, please contact us. We cherish every opportunity to collaborate with you. Get a quote today!

Custom Silk Wool Fabric on Demand

Sinosilk has a wide selection of silk wool fabrics and you can custom fabric with different specifications. We offer free fabric samples for a personal touch and experience, you only need to pay for the delivery fee to sense the texture and quality of our on-top silk wool.

Specification Options
Raw materials 100% mulberry silk & 100% merino wool; or other types of silk and wool on your demands.
Width 140cm
Content 30% silk& 70% wool; 38% silk & 62% wool; 40% silk &60% wool; 50% silk & 50% wool; other customized content tailored to your needs.
Crafts and structures Satin; twill; custom-made structure on your needs, such as crepe, georgette, braid, etc.
Momme ranges for silk used  12/17mm; custom options for other momme ranges. 
Thickness ranges for wool used 80’/100’s; custom options for other thickness ranges.
  • undyed silk wool fabric
    Undyed Silk Wool Fabrics

    Our undyed silk wool fabrics embody the pristine luxury and elegance of this type of fabric. Their natural sheen and excellent drape performance offer ample possibilities for your inspiration and creation. Their high-quality structure can accommodate diverse artistic finishings, including dyeing, hemming, embroidery, and more.

  • plain dyed silk wool fabric
    Plain Dyed Silk Wool Fabrics

    Sinosilk produces plain dyed silk wool with sustainable dyes, adhering to our commission to the environment. Our plain dyed silk wool is vibrant and colorfast, available in more than 90 shades. Please send us the Pantone codes or a fabric color swatch if you need silk wool plain dyed in a specific color.

  • printed silk wool fabric
    Printed Silk Wool Fabrics

    Printed silk wool is your best choice to reproduce your artwork or recreate your inspiration on fabrics. Sinosilk is a professional factory specializing in printed silk wool. Our state-of-the-art printing machines and proficient craftsmen can bolster the influence of your work. If you need expert assistance in design or digitalization, our in-house artists are available to help with no additional fee. 

  • yarn-dyed silk wool fabric
    Yarn-Dyed Silk Wool Fabrics

    Tailormade yarn-dyed silk wool fabrics can enhance your business through their unparalleled texture and various applications. Our factory provides yarn-dyed silk wool of unique characteristics and textured fabric hues based on your needs. You can explore the richness of this special type through our wide selection of solid colors. Additionally, you can also customize two-tone yarn-dyed fabrics if you plan to make a bulk order.

Popular Texture

Silk Wool Fabric Wholesale

Sinosilk offers personalized wholesale options for fabrics, enabling you to design according to your needs or choose suitable colors to create your special fabrics. Through your creative endeavors, these fabrics can transform into unique artworks.

We provide these fabrics for people from various industries, including experienced designers, craft enthusiasts, and DIY hobbyists. Sinosilk can create custom silk wool fabrics to meet your specifications, regardless of the intended application. As a trusted supplier, we always have the most suitable fabrics for you.

Unique Characteristics

Unique Characteristics

As a blended fabric of two quality natural fibers, silk wool fabrics possess some combined virtues of both silk and wool.

  • Skin-friendly and breathable. Silk wool fabrics cause little irritation in direct touch with the skin. Besides, the addition of silk improves the lightness of the fabric, thus it turns out to be more breathable than pure wool.
  • Crisp and easy to shape. Blended silk & wool has a more crisp touch than pure wool.  For this reason, silk wool fabrics are ideal for stylish shapes, especially twill ones.
  • Resistant to wrinkles. Adding wool builds an excellent resistance to wrinkles on silk wool, which is better than pure silk.
  • Firm and durable. Silk wool blend has a strong tensile strength, good at making its shape. It can hold up well over time unless severe damage.

How Is Silk Wool Fabric Made?

The silk wool fabric is manufactured by blended yarns of silk and wool. Silk and wool fibers go through a series of chemical treatments to form blended yarns of different proportions. Then these yarns pass through the finishing and sizing room and get ready for weaving or knitting. After that, silk wool yarns enter the weaving or knitting machines and turn into fabrics.

Sinosilk’s factory is capable of producing quality silk wool of different content. If you have any queries on the content of silk wool, our technicians will give you perfect answers.

How Is Silk Wool Fabric Made

Fabric Applications for Different Fields


The potential of silk wool fabrics in the fashion industry is immeasurable. These fabrics are easy to cut and boast excellent ink penetration, ensuring they resist fading even after multiple washes. They are ideal for crafting high-end, luxurious autumn and winter clothing. Many clothing brands utilize them to create casual suits, coats, jackets, shirts, and more.


Silk wool fabrics are durable and can help you build a cohesive accessories collection. From scarves and shawls of various sizes to warm gloves, hats, and everyday-use bags, the possibilities are endless.

Handmade Crafts

These fabrics are extremely adaptable and can be used for quilting, patchwork, and various DIY projects, adding a sense of fun and enhancing the beauty of your creations.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Sinosilk’s Wholesale Silk Wool

Working with a trustworthy manufacturer can promote and scale your business. As a professional fabric manufacturer, Sinosilk can provide much convenience for you, including but not limited to: 

  • Guaranteed quality and a wider range of choices.  As a supplier of natural silk and wool, we can provide silk wool fabrics of the finest raw materials. Our factory has collections of various fabrics, including luxury fabrics like silk wool. We also provide products and accessories of these fabrics for you to choose from.
  • Bulk buying at factory prices. Sinosilk’s factory is capable of bulk orders and offers silk wool fabrics at competitive prices,  saving your fees for intermediate agents. 
  • Custom-made products. Our factory has full production lines of fabric manufacturing and finishing. We can provide a variety of custom silk wool fabrics in bulk, tailored to your needs and with personalized colors and prints.
Are Wool Silk Blend Suits Good?

Yes, they are. Wool silk blend suits are renowned for their lightness, warmth, stylish shapes and durability. Their outstanding functionality and aesthetics make your wearing a joy.

Is Silk Wool Expensive?

It is cheaper than pure silk but slightly more expensive than pure wool. But if it comes to the point of owning two luxury fabrics simultaneously, silk wool is worth its price.

Is Wool Silk Blend Warm?

Yes, it is. The wool fiber is one of the best fabrics to keep out cold. The higher the proportion of wool in the blended fabric, the better the warmth of the fabric.

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