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Custom Silk Wool Fabric

Silk Wool Fabric with Factory Price

Sinosilk offers a comprehensive custom service for silk wool fabric. Our wide selection includes plain-dyed silk wool fabric, undyed silk wool fabric, custom prints, and colors of silk wool fabric. Our fabric boasts remarkable characteristics. Blended from natural fibers, it offers the best of both worlds, with excellent drape and an elegant natural sheen that enhances its aesthetic appeal. The wool component provides excellent insulation, making the fabric soft and warm. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for sensitive skin.

Our custom fabrics are of reassuring quality. The combination of silk and wool makes the fabric more durable. Its excellent color retention and the addition of reactive printing and dyeing technologies ensure that it remains vibrant even after prolonged use. Using natural materials and environmentally friendly ink won’t restrict your creativity in any application. Feel free to create and express your ideas and passion.

We have strict control over the quality and delivery of our products, and our dependable logistics ensure the timely delivery of every order. We are priced by meter or yard, allowing flexibility for your projects. No matter the size of your project, please contact us. We cherish every opportunity to collaborate with you. Get a quote today!

40% Silk 60% Wool Satin Fabric
30% Silk 70% Wool Satin Fabric
30% Silk 70% Wool Twill Fabric
38% Silk 62% Wool Georgette Fabric
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Silk Wool Fabric Wholesale

Sinosilk offers personalized wholesale options for fabrics. enabling you to design according to your needs or choose suitable colors to create your special fabrics. Through your creative endeavors, these fabrics can transform into unique artworks.

We provide these fabrics for people from various industries, including experienced designers, craft enthusiasts, and DIY hobbyists. Sinosilk can create custom silk wool fabrics to meet your specifications, regardless of the intended application. As a trusted supplier, we always have the most suitable fabrics for you.

Fabric Applications for Different Fields


The potential of silk wool fabrics in the fashion industry is immeasurable. These fabrics are easy to cut and boast excellent ink penetration, ensuring they resist fading even after multiple washes. They are ideal for crafting high-end, luxurious autumn and winter clothing. Many clothing brands utilize them to create casual suits, coats, jackets, shirts, and more.


Silk wool fabrics are durable and can help you build a cohesive accessories collection. From scarves and shawls of various sizes to warm gloves, hats, and everyday-use bags, the possibilities are endless.

Handmade Crafts

These fabrics are extremely adaptable and can be used for quilting, patchwork, and various DIY projects, adding a sense of fun and enhancing the beauty of your creations.

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