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Print Guideline

About the Processing of Print Images 

Whether it is a custom scarf or fabric or some of our other products that need to be printed, the processing of the design image is very important. The uploaded image files are not clear and complete enough, and these can affect the printing effect of the product.

Image Types and File Formats

We can print your paintings, photos, designs, favorite museum artwork and some other patterns directly onto the products you need. Regarding the format of  the image, we support a variety of file formats for uploading, TIFF, JPG, PSD, PDF, TIF, AI are all available for printing.

Image Clarity and Resolution

The clarity of the uploaded image is critical. To ensure maximum reproduction of your design, we need a high resolution image. You need to upload an image that will not be blurred or jagged when viewed at actual pixels, and a resolution between 150dpi – 300dpi is recommended.

Image Color Mode

RGB mode is preferred in the selection of picture modes. This mode is the most commonly used color mode. It is mainly used in electronic devices such as monitors, where a color can be represented by three values, which represent the intensity of red, green and blue colors, and the color of each pixel on the monitor can be controlled according to the size of these three values. Therefore, RGB color mode can achieve extremely rich color performance and has great expressiveness in color image display. It can also achieve color consistency across different electronic devices, resulting in more realistic color representation and making the print more closely resemble the original design.

printing cautions


Since the printing effect is affected by the ink, screen and other factors, we cannot guarantee that the printing effect is exactly the same as the original design.

Due to the difference in fabric material and thickness, the penetration effect of the printing ink varies, so no matter which printing method is used, the color will generally fall out when washing is done. 

We have applied color fixation treatment on the fabric, so as long as you follow the recommendations on the care label, it will not affect the use.

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