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Custom Silk Velvet Fabric

Fabric Content: 18% silk & 82% viscose. The back is 100% silk georgette & the front is 100% viscose.

Width Available: 114 or 140cm

Silk Velvet Fabric Wholesale Manufacturer

Silk velvet fabric is widely known for its luxurious and sumptuous appearance. This beautiful fabric is sleek and soft. Originally favored by royal courts for its sumptuous allure, it has now found popularity on fashion runways, earning high praise from designers. Custom silk velvet fabric for your clothing or upholstery projects will be the popular and timeless choice.

At Sinosilk, we offer lustrous, sheen, and shimmering silk velvet fabric by yard or meter. Thus, rest assured that it can have soft-flowing shapes due to its elegant and soft drape.

As the best wholesale manufacturer of custom silk velvet fabric in China, we offer silk velvet for sale in different weights up to 180 gsm. Our silk velvet fabric offerings encompass undyed, plain dyed, and custom-printed silk velvet fabric with your original pictures or designs.

Now is your opportunity to receive our free fabric sample and take advantage of bulk discounts directly from our factory. Don’t hesitate – send us your inquiry right away!

  • Undyed Silk Velvet Fabric
    Undyed Silk Velvet Fabric

    Minimal processing preserves the purest appearance of silk velvet fabric, making it highly versatile. You can showcase its organic look through your creations, using it as the foundation for art projects like hand painting and embroidery.

  • Plain Dyed Silk Velvet Fabric
    Plain Dyed Silk Velvet Fabric

    Dyeing gives silk velvet a consistent appearance while enhancing its natural luster. Customization is available based on color cards or fabric samples you provide. Whether you prefer vintage and elegant black, royal blue, or grey silk velvet fabric, or the fashionable and eye-catching red, pink, orange, or green silk velvet fabric, you can find it at Sinosilk.

  • Printed Silk Velvet Fabric
    Printed Silk Velvet Fabric

    Your customized printed silk velvet fabric will feature your unique design. Our advanced printing technology ensures HD prints, allowing you to print creative designs, brand patterns, artwork, and others with flexibility. You can explore various styles and themes.

Key Benefits

We offer silk velvet fabrics that are bright and smooth. Thus, it is widely used for the fashion industry.

Due to its main content which is silk, you can assure that these fabrics are high-quality and durable. Making it discoloration-resistant. Its bright color can last for many years.

These fabrics are also multi-functional and versatile for different application.

The Silk Velvet Fabric Production Process

The Silk Velvet Fabric Production Process

Silk velvet fabric is regarded as the aristocrat of the fabric world. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, silk velvet was exclusively made from pure silk. 

Nowadays, the fabric is woven from silk materials and viscose with a short pile and density. Weaving silk velvet fabric involves two layers of materials. The base layer is made of silk, with viscose used to create the pile. Then, they are joined together using a warp thread.

Ideal for Different Applications

  • Fashion Industry. With its excellent characteristics, silk velvet is widely used for the production of wedding gowns, formal dress, and evening gowns. With its beautiful drape, garments and clothes produced using this fabric is surely eye-catching. Silk velvet fabric is also used for making seductive, sexy, elegant, and luxurious clothing.
  • Furnishings. With its superior visual allure, silk velvet is also used for production of home furnishings and upholstery. It is ideal for making cushion covers, table runners, and more. These fabrics are also good for heavyweight curtains.
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Does silk velvet fabric shrink?

The fabric has a shrinkage rate of 3%. In general, it is not prone to significant shrinkage, but proper care is essential.

How to clean silk velvet fabric?

First, remove any surface dust before washing. 

It is recommended to dry clean or hand wash your silk velvet fabric. Use lukewarm or cold water, ensuring it does not exceed 30℃ (80℉)with a special detergent. Avoid machine tumble drying and instead hang it in a well-ventilated area to dry naturally.

Before air drying, gently pat it by hand to restore its fluffiness.

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