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Silk Georgette Fabric

Silk Georgette Fabric

Sinosilk offers a crepe-style silk georgette that provides a semi-sheer texture. This fabric also has a matte and dull appearance. Its semi-transparent and thin characteristic makes the fabric more breathable and lightweight. Silk georgette fabric is also crisp yet soft, flowy, and shivery.

The silk georgette fabric is manufactured using weft and warp twisted yarns. Thus, allowing the fabric to have a slightly coarse texture. It also makes the fabric have a crepe-like and crinkled effect.

As a professional manufacturer, Sinosilk offers silk georgette fabric in a wide selection of colors. You can choose from our thousands of shades based on your needs. It is also offered in low MOQ by yards, meters, or rolls. We can also manufacture silk georgette fabric based on your specifications. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or importer, Sinosilk is your best silk georgette fabric supplier. Send us your inquiries today!

Undyed Silk Georgette Fabric
Undyed Silk Georgette Fabric
Plain Dyed Silk Georgette Fabric
Plain Dyed Silk Georgette Fabric
Printed Silk Georgette Fabric
Printed Silk Georgette Fabric
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By Thickness

8mm Silk Georgette Fabric
10mm Silk Georgette Fabric
12mm Silk Georgette Fabric
14mm Silk Georgette Fabric
16mm Silk Georgette Fabric
18mm Silk Georgette Fabric
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Perfect for Garment Production

Dresses. Silk georgette is ideal for the production of formal dresses or gowns. It allows free-flowing skirts with its beautiful drape.

Blouses. This fabric is a lightweight and breathable material. Thus, it can be used for producing comfortable-to-use blouses.

Sarees. With their superior characteristics, silk georgettes are commonly used for making sarees as it offers a beautiful drape.

Decors. It can be used for making different home decorations such as pillowcases, table decorations, etc.

Care Instructions

Silk georgette is commonly snag-resistant, pull-resistant, and tear-resistant due to its durability. However, proper care is recommended to keep it in good condition.

Washing. We recommend that this fabric should be hand washed rather than machine washed.

Ironing. Silk georgette can be ironed with steaming.


Available Thickness and Width
Thickness Width Weight Fabric Content
8mm 114/140cm 34gsm 100% Silk
10mm 114/140cm 43gsm 100% Silk
12mm 114/140cm 51gsm 100% Silk
Difference Between Silk Georgette and Silk Satin

Silk georgette fabric is airer and lighter, with a greater sense of translucency. In contrast, silk satin boasts a tightly woven structure and a heightened level of luster.

Difference Between Silk Chiffon and Silk Georgette

The main difference between these two fabrics is their weight and look.

Silk georgette fabric tends to be heavier compared to silk chiffon. It also has lesser sheer due to its thick ply. The drape produced is also less stiff with its heavy weight. However, it allows the garment to have more volume.

On the other hand, silk chiffon has more sheerness and is thinner, unlike silk georgette. Thus, garments produced using this fabric are flowier and softer.

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