Custom Rayon Fabric Factory

Custom Rayon Fabric Factory

  • Content: pure rayon, blended rayon(with silk, polyester, viscose, and more)
  • Yarn construction: kitting or weaving
  • Styles: undyed, plain dyed, digital printed of custom designs
  • Various undyed rayon fabrics in stock
  • Free samples available
  • Customization tailored to your demands

Rayon Fabric By the Yard/Meter/Roll

Are you looking for an economical fabric that resembles silk without sacrificing many of its properties? Or are you seeking for a more sustainable substitute to replace cotton, expanding your target audience? Sinosilk figures out the best solutions for you with a collection of on-top quality wholesale rayon fabric. 

Rayon fabric is a type of magic fabric, assuming gradely properties, classy appearance, and high cost-efficiency simultaneously. Applying this fabric enhances the overall performance of your products, making them more attractive to your customers. 

Sinosilk is a leading rayon fabric manufacturer in China, priding itself on a wide and high-quality collection. We can provide rayon fabrics of multiple specifications and with one-stop customed services. Take advantage of our free sample to verify the quality, and send an inquiry for details of our customization options and discounts for bulk orders! 

Custom Rayon Fabric On Your Demand

Main Types Composition Width Key Features
Rayon Satin Pure rayon(20s, 40s, 60s) 125 to 135 cm, and more Opulently lustrous, extremely smooth
Rayon Twill Pure rayon(20s, 40s, 60s) 125 to 135cm, and more Stiff and crisp, good to shape
Rayon Challis Pure rayon(30s, and more) 125 to 135cm, and more Slightly brushed surface, very soft
Rayon Poplin Pure rayon(40s, and more) 125 to 135cm, and more Plain wave, crisp
Rayon Crepe Pure rayon(20s, 40s, 60s) 125 to 135cm, and more Various crepe structures, fluid
Rayon Chiffon Pure rayon(20s, 40s, 60s) 125 to 135cm, and more Sheer, ethereal
Viscose Rayon 52v/48r, and more 114/140cm Combined benefits of viscose & rayon, more durable
Silk Rayon 15s/85r, 25s/75r, 30s/70r, 50s/50r 114/140cm Luxury but affordable
Stretch Rayon(Rayon & Spandex) 90r/10s, and more 140cm, and more A flexible fit, much ease of movement
Rayon Jersey Pure rayon 140cm, and more Stretchable in the weft direction, “dry” touch

At Sinosilk, you can also customize rayon fabrics of other contents depending on your needs, like rayon & linen, rayon & cotton, rayon & nylon, and more.

  • Undyed Rayon Fabric
    Undyed Rayon Fabric

    Sinosilk has a wide range of undyed rayon fabrics in stock with inherent exquisiteness. They assume subtle texture and good tenacity,  an ideal choice for sewing, dyeing, and printing. Their premium finish will be to your project what icing is to the cake.

  • Plain Dyed Rayon Fabric
    Plain Dyed Rayon Fabric

    Sinosilk provides rayon fabric with custom solid colors, from classics to trend-led seasonal shadows. Our plain dyed fabrics can display vibrant colors resistant to wear and discoloration, suitable for those seeking ready-made fabrics. Send us the Pantone code or a color swatch if you want to reproduce it on the finest rayon fabrics. 

  • Printed Rayon Fabric
    Printed Rayon Fabric

    Sinosilk’s printed rayon fabric puts flesh on the bones of your artwork and designs, infusing vigor into artistic ideas and inspirations. We can print your desired patterns with digital printing and with reactive dyes. Rest assured that our brilliant artists, cutting-edge machines, and proficient craftsmen can definitely achieve the final result tailored to your needs. 

Common Uses of Rayon Fabric

Rayon fabric is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects, from clothing to home textiles. It can mimic the texture of natural fibers like silk, cotton, and wool, making it suitable for diverse applications.


  • General apparel and outwear: shirts, dresses, blouses, skirts, suits, and more.
  • Lingerie and nightwear: pajamas, robes, and more.
  • Sportswear
  • Accessories: scarves, shawls and more.

Home Textiles:

  • Bedding: sheets, pillowcases, and more.
  • Upholstery and decorative items: curtains and drapes.
  • Towels

Other Applications:

  • Medical supplies like gears
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Filters and conveyor belts
Common Uses of Rayon Fabric
Key Features of Rayon Fabric

Key Features of Rayon Fabric

As a synthetic fabric of natural fibers, rayon fabric provides the best of both worlds.

  • Silk-like touch and gloss. Rayon fabric is not only soft and smooth akin to silk, but also possesses a lustrous appearance.
  • Absorbency and breathability. Rayon Fabric allows air to flow freely and wicks away excess moisture from the skin, owing to its spongy and hairy fibers and fluffy structure.
  • Comfort. The soft touch, together with the absorbent and breathable structure, brings about a comfortable feel against the skin. 
  • Drapability. Rayon fabric drapes better than cotton and many synthetic fabrics. It is an ideal alternative to cotton when it comes to flowing and elegant garments.
  • Possibility and retention of stylish designs. Rayon fabric takes up dyes and inks effectively, with its absorbent fibers and cellulose structure. Therefore, it enables vivid renditions of rich hues and intricate patterns. 
  • Cost-efficiency. Rayon fabric is an outstanding alternative to silk since it is more affordable than silk without compromising much on the luxury texture and appearance. 

Besides, rayon fibers blend well with other types of fibers. Thus, blended rayon can boast diverse benefits beyond your imagination. Contact us to explore more features of rayon fabrics.

Benefits of Buying Sinosilk’s Wholesale Rayon Fabric

  • Sinosilk’s wholesale rayon fabric offers consistent quality at competitive prices.
  • One-stop customization of rayon fabric enhances your products and saves time in further production.
  • Buying wholesale rayon fabric improves the overall efficiency of your production line.
  • As a seasoned wholesaler, Sinosilk can assist you in accessing the nuances of rayon fabrics and new trends within the industry.
  • Bulk orders of rayon fabric can reduce packaging and transportation, producing less waste and carbon emissions to the environment.
Benefits of Buying Sinosilk’s Wholesale Rayon Fabric

Sustainability of Sinosilk’s Rayon Fabric

While traditional rayon production can be environmentally taxing, Sinosilk adopts a different practice.

We garner wood pulp from trees growing up quickly and requiring less water, like oak and bamboo. Meanwhile, our factory employs a close loop system and uses more eco-friendly chemicals. The utilization of up-notch equipment for recycling water and chemical additives reduces much negative environmental impact.

Techniques of Rayon Fabric

The production of rayon fabric involves dissolving cellulose, regenerating it into fibers, and then spinning those fibers into yarns. After these general processes, Sinosilk’s factory will weave or knit rayon yarns into fabrics based on clients’ specific requirements.

Yarns are looped by knitting machines to make knitted rayon. For woven rayon, yarns come into warp ones and weft ones and are interlaced into a criss-cross structure. At Sinosilk’s factory, knitted and woven rayon then get additional finishing treatments according to customer’s needs. 

What Is The MOQ of Custom Printed Rayon Fabric?

Sinosilk has a large selection of undyed rayon fabrics in stock, available for outright purchase and custom printing. To make the customization reach the highest standard, we encourage an order quantity of over 50 meters. But sometimes, we also support our customer’s business with a lower MOQ. Please contact us to get our convenience for you.

How Long Is the Lead Time of Custom Printed Rayon?

Approximately 10 days for printed rayon fabric using our stock options.

Is Rayon Fabric Cheap?

Well, it depends. Rayon fabric is generally considered to be affordable, especially when compared to silk. However, its cost varies depending on the quality and type. For instance, high-end rayon fabrics like modal or lyocell can be more expensive than regular viscose rayon. 

What Is Rayon Fabric?

Rayon is a type of regenerated cellulose fabric. It derives from natural sources, such as wood and bamboo, but passes through chemical treatments. Rayon fabric originated as a less expensive alternative to silk. Moreover, it has thrived since the late 19th, for the improvement in its appearance, and tensile strength. Rayon fabric offers excellent versatility and cost-efficiency, though it requires careful handling to maintain its appearance and longevity.

What Is Rayon Challis?

Rayon challis is a lightweight, plain weave rayon fabric. It is known for its softness, smooth texture, and fluid drape. Challis is often used for making blouses, dresses, skirts, and other garments that benefit from its comfortable and breathable qualities. Its lightweight and ease of movement make it especially popular for warm-weather clothing.

Is Rayon Fabric Stretchy?

To give a good answer to this question, let us divide it into two parts. First, pure rayon offers slight stretchability, and it becomes more stretchy in wet naturally. Second, blended rayon with elastane like spandex or Lycra shows strong stretchability, facilitating a flexible fit and ease of movement. 

Does Rayon Fabric Shrink?

Yes, rayon fabric can shrink at different degrees every time you wash it. It tends to shrink dramatically if exposed to improper washing and drying methods – Repeated washing and drying cycles, especially with hot water and high heat will make it shrink disastrously.

Is Rayon A Natural Fiber?

Precisely, rayon is a semi-natural and semi-synthetic fiber. It starts with regenerated cellulose sourced from natural wood pulp and undergoes chemical processing before becoming the final fabric. 

Is Rayon A Breathable Fabric?

Yes, rayon fabric is very breathable. Its fluffy and porous structure allows air to pass through easily, and it also has moisture-wicking properties, helping to keep the wearer cool and dry.

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