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Discover our comprehensive silk bedding collection that is specifically designed to provide customers with exceptional comfort. We manufacture beddings made from silk with excellent quality to ensure that customers have a sumptuous sleep experience.

Exclusively made from the highest-grade and finest quality Mulberry silk, rest assured that each bedding is designed with silky softness, exquisite craftsmanship, and unparalleled breathability.

With our wide range of prints, patterns, and designs, you can provide your customers with classic and temporary silk bedding. You can also choose silk bedding from different designs and styles to meet your specific customer’s preferences.

At Sinosilk, we aim to support your business by providing low MOQ, budget-friendly prices, and custom options. Our custom options include custom packaging, logo, and label. We manufacture silk bedding according to your specific requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

  • solid color silk bedding
    Solid Color Silk Bedding
  • custom printing silk bedding
    Custom Printing Silk Bedding

Benefits of Silk Bedding

Temperature regulating – With its natural temperature regulating properties, our silk beddings are comfortable and provide warmth in different seasons.

No harmful chemicals – We don’t use any toxic chemicals during production, so you can assure it is eco-friendly.

Zero static – Due to the silk fabric, our beddings reduce friction that will effortlessly drapes the skin.

Benefits of Silk Bedding

Our Silk Bedding Collection

We offer a full range of silk bedding including pillowcases, duvet covers, fitted sheets or regular sheets.

Each silk bedding collection is manufactured with attention to detail to ensure functionality.

Silk pillowcases – designed with envelope closures ensuring a snug fit.

Silk duvet covers – features hidden buttons for a seamless appearance.

Silk fitted sheets – designed with deep pockets and elastic edges for a secure fit.

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