Custom Silk Habotai Fabric

Custom Silk Habotai Fabric

Wholesale Silk Habotai Fabric Manufacturer in China

Silk Habotai fabric(also spelled habotai or habutae), is a type of silk fabric of plain weaves,  known for its silky and soft texture. You may find other terms referring to this fabric, such as China Silk, parachute silk and silk French toile. It features a smooth surface without creases and has lightweight and fineness properties. Additionally, It offers a softer luster, a dense and fine texture, and a soft feel that is smooth and comfortable to wear. 

Though originated in Japan, Silk habotai finds its mass production of high quality and various specifications in China.

Eager for a trustworthy factory of silk habotai? Sinosilk’s factory is a preferable choice for those who value quality and service. Sinosilk offers silk Habotai fabrics that are popular due to their flowing drape and natural matte sheen. Thus, it can be used for creating various fashion accessories and pieces. This fabric offers excellent absorption and breathability to ensure comfort.

At Sinosilk, we offer silk Habotai fabrics in different widths and weights. It also comes in extensive color choices to meet your requirements. You can also choose custom silk habotai fabric according to your specifications. Send us your inquiries today!

Custom Your Silk Habotai Fabric on Demand

Undyed Silk Habotai Fabric
Undyed Silk Habotai Fabric

Undyed silk habotai is sheer and in ivory white. It is lightweight and shows a hazy shimmer. It is suitable for dyeing and printing, able to take up 90% of dyes and inks. 

Plain Dyed Silk Habotai Fabric
Plain Dyed Silk Habotai Fabric

Sinosilk prides its sophisticated dyeing system of both acid and reactive dyes. Our products can reproduce the vibrance and texture of the hues to a full extent on your demands.

Printed Silk Habotai Fabric
Printed Silk Habotai Fabric

Due to its light weight and delicacy, silk habotai penetrates the inks from one side to another well. Printed silk habotai fabric of light or medium weight shows your designs and patterns boldly and vividly on both sides even with one-side printing.

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Wide Range of Silk Habotai Fabrics

You can preorder or customize silk habotai by the yard or meter of different widths, momme and weights. You can also find a stock of a wide selection of colors, widths and mommes in Sinosilk. 

Specifications Options
Width 114/140cm Width
Mommes 4.5/6/8/10/12/15/19/22/25 Momme
Colors 96 or custom hues
Weights Light weight (8 to 12 momme); Medium weight (12 to 19 momme); Heavy weight (19 momme and above)
8mm silk habotai
8mm Silk Habotai Fabric
10mm silk habotai
10mm Silk Habotai Fabric
12mm silk habotai
12mm Silk Habotai Fabric
16mm silk habotai
15mm Silk Habotai Fabric
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Properties of Silk Habotai Fabric

Sinosilk offers habotai fabric that is rich in advantageous characteristics. 

  • It includes a soft noble sheen and retains shape
  • It also provides very fine with slightly slippery texture making it ideal for sewing applications.
  • In addition, this fabric offers good thermoregulation so it can be used in hot or summer weather.
  • Though a lightweight fabric, it is good at blocking light
  • It assumes a matte luster, different from other dull creep-like fabrics. 
Properties of Silk Habotai Fabric

Great for Different Projects

We manufacture silk habotai fabric that is ideal for making different accessories garments and  finishing including:

  • Summer shirts, blouses and dresses (8 to 15 mm)
  • Children’s clothes (mostly 8 to 12 mm)
  • Scarves (mostly 8 to 15 mm)
  • Light lingerie (mostly 8 to 19 mm)
  • Linings  (8 mm)
  • Pareo (8 to 19 mm)
  • Petticoats (over 19 mm)
  • Bridal and formal wear(over 19 mm)
  • Home decors (8 to 25 mm)

You can also utilize it to promote the quality of your promoted pieces, including: 

  • Banners
  • Flags

Explore An Array of Stunning Colors

  • Champaign
  • Peacock blue
  • Black
  • Cerise
  • Orangered
  • Bright yellow
  • Pink
  • Emerald
  • etc.
Explore An Array of Stunning Colors
Benefits of Buying Silk Habotai Wholesale

Benefits of Buying Silk Habotai Wholesale

You can reap a lot of good in buying wholesale. For example:

  • We can give you silk habotai fabrics of high quality at economical prices. As a manufacturer of silk fabrics, we are professional in producing quality fabrics and give huge discounts to bulk orders.
  • We can save you time and give convenience to your sourcing. Our factory has production lines of high-end fabrics, corresponding products, various accessories, etc. As long as you trust us, you can make much of your procurement of your raw materials in one place.

Your One-stop Shop for Silk Habotai

Sinosilk is committed to being a supplier of silk habotai fabrics of the finest quality and the best services. We not only provide various specifications of silk habotai with superb appearance and excellent properties but also offer one-stop services that facilitate your business. Sinosilk has professional teams assisting in your designs and patterns, state-of-the-art printing and dyeing machines, and one-top technicians in the manufacturing and furnishing of silk habotai. 

To know more about our fabrics and services, send us an inquiry now. 

Your One-stop Shop for Silk Habotai
Is Habotai Silk Really Silk?

Yes, silk habotai and habotai silk are usually made of pure silk fibers. If not of 100% silk, it should be labeled as “blended”.

Silk Habotai vs Silk Charmeuse, What’s the difference?

Silk habotai and silk charmeuse are similar in breathability and drapabiliy, but the latter stands out in the texture and sheen – It has a decent amount of shimmery and smooth texture while silk habotai is not. Per contra, silk habotai possesses a relatively good elasticity owing to its craft.

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