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Silk Stretch Fabric

Wholesale Silk Stretch Fabric Manufacturer in China

Experience the ultimate comfort and softness of silk stretch fabric with Sinosilk. Our silk stretch fabric is manufactured using the finest quality silk fibers, renowned for their smoothness, softness, and breathability. It is produced with additional spandex which provides a subtle stretch, enhancing the fabric’s flexibility and allowing a perfect fit.

With its versatility, Sinosilk silk stretch fabric is ideal for creating a variety of garment types and styles. From flowing dresses and skirts to tailored blouses and trousers, this fabric drapes beautifully, creating elegant silhouettes. To meet your business requirements, Sinosilk offers a wide range of options, including undyed silk stretch fabric, plain dyed silk stretch fabric, and printed silk stretch fabric.

As a professional manufacturer, Sinosilk is committed to supporting your business with low MOQ and competitive prices. Ready to customize your own silk stretch fabric with Sinosilk? Send us your inquiries today!

Sinosilk’s Collection of Silk Stretch Fabric

Beautiful sheen and great flexibility. Its luxurious nature makes it perfect for evening gowns.

Stretch silk chiffon fabric possesses a sheer appearance with an airy feel.

Stretchable with a subtly crinkled surface.

Lightweight, with a sheer, and flowing appearance. It is suitable for lightweight accessories.

Stretch Silk Double Georgette Fabric

Remarkably durable and soft. It is an ideal option for shirts and dresses.

Crisp drape with a slight texture offered by the twill weaving technique.

Stretch Silk Viscose Twill fabric
Stretch Silk Viscose Twill fabric

Midweight with a smooth surface and great durability. It is a perfect fabric for casual fitted clothing.

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Custom Your Silk Stretch Fabric On Demand

From plain undyed silk stretch fabrics to customizable printed silk stretch fabrics, Sinosilk has a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

  • undyed stretch silk satin fabric
    Undyed Silk Stretch Fabric

    With an earthy feel and look, undyed silk stretch fabric is a versatile option for tie-dyeing, eco-print, and batik, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind designs.

  • plain dyed stretch silk satin fabric
    Plain Dyed Silk Stretch Fabric

    Plain-dyed stretch silk fabrics offer vibrant colors and exceptional elasticity, making them perfect for creating a wide range of products.

  • custom printed stretch silk satin fabric
    Printed Silk Stretch Fabric

    Sinosilk offers a custom silk stretch fabric printing service. Send your design or artwork to us or create your own bespoke design with the help of our professional designers.

All About Silk Stretch Fabric

  • Appealing Appearance: Its shimmery satin finish and wonderful drape add a sumptuous feel to silk stretch fabric.
  • Anti-wrinkle Properties: Silk stretch fabric combines the resilience of spandex and the wrinkle-resistant nature of silk, allowing easy maintenance and care.
  • Anti-static Properties: It is not easy for silk stretch fabric to build up static electricity, promising comfort during dry seasons.
  • Durability: With the help of spandex, silk stretch fabric is more durable than pure silk fabric, enhancing its tear resistance.
  • Plain dyed or printed available: Both plain dyed or printed options are available for silk stretch fabric.
  • Weight: 68-147gsm
What Can You Do with Silk Stretch Fabric

What Can You Do with Silk Stretch Fabric?

Silk stretch fabric offers the elegance of silk with the added benefit of stretch, making it a popular choice for both formal and casual garments

Stretch silk satin, known for its luxurious sheen and drape, is perfect for creating formal wear like wedding gowns and evening dresses

For a more relaxed style, stretch silk twill fabric and stretch silk viscose twill fabric offers a slightly stiffer hand feel, making them suitable for casual wear like pants, jackets, and blouses

The breathable nature of silk, combined with the flexibility of spandex, also makes stretch silk fabric a comfortable choice for underwear and pajama, ensuring a perfect fit.

Wide Range of Colors of Plain Dyed Silk Stretch Fabric

Choose from our extensive collection of in-stock, plain dyed silk stretch fabrics for immediate production of your product. With 90 colors available, we offer a wide range of trendy choices, including:

  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Ivory
Wide Range of Colors of Plain Dyed Silk Stretch Fabric
Wholesale Solutions for Silk Stretch Fabric

Wholesale Solutions for Silk Stretch Fabric

We know you’re always looking for the best deals. That’s why we are here to offer you exceptional wholesale discounts on our premium fabrics.  With our incredible bulk prices, you can create amazing products that blow your customers away.  We’ve got the best fabrics with the best price, and you’ve got the best design– let’s make this a winning partnership!

How Silk Stretch Fabric Is Made?

The process of making silk stretch fabric is similar to that of making regular silk fabric, involving obtaining silk from cocoons, spinning, weaving, and finishing. 

However, the key distinction lies in the incorporation of spandex, an elastic fiber, to achieve its stretch properties. This integration typically takes place during the spinning phase, where spandex is added to the weft yarn, usually at a rate of 7% to 10%. While this is the standard range, some silk stretch fabrics feature a lower spandex content of 5%. 

The addition of spandex imbues the silk fabric with flexibility and stretch, enhancing its comfort and versatility for various clothing applications. Notably, our silk stretch fabric is designed for two-way stretch, allowing it to stretch widthwise (weft direction), providing a more flexible and form-fitting wear experience.

Your Trusted One-stop Silk Stretch Fabric Manufacturer

Your Trusted One-stop Silk Stretch Fabric Manufacturer

Customization Mastery: Sinosilk excels in personalized customization services, ensuring unique bespoke silk stretch fabric that exceeds your expectations.

Value for Money: As a source manufacturer, Sinosilk ensures top-quality silk stretch fabric at wholesale prices, making your investment a wise one.

Customer-prioritized Service: Your satisfaction is what we strive for. From your initial inquiry to the successful delivery of your silk stretch fabric order, we’re committed to providing friendly and responsive support.

Care Instruction for Silk Stretch Fabric
  • Prioritize dry clean or hand wash separately
  • Hang dry in a shady place 
  • Cool iron if needed ( below 100 ° C)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not expose to sunlight

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