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Wholesale Custom Ties Manufacture

Sinosilk’s custom ties can effortlessly enhance your style. They are suitable for everyone, regardless of profession, age, or gender. These ties can act as a bridge connecting members and your group, as well as a symbol or identity for your team, company, brand, or organization.

Our custom ties are diverse, with no limitations on color, shape, or design. You can unleash your creativity. We will utilize state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled professionals, top-notch fabrics, and impeccable craftsmanship to transform your designs into premium ties. They will showcase a polished appearance, flawless seams, and outstanding quality.

Sinosilk is a professional tie manufacturer with years of experience. You can obtain the most attractive custom prices with the lowest MOQ right here. We also ensure a hassle-free and satisfying custom experience. Request a quote now!

Custom Ties Series

Custom Logo Ties

Prominently displaying a distinct and eye-catching logo, leaving a lasting impression at first glance.

Custom Printed Ties

Supporting diverse tie designs, effortlessly obtain a one-of-a-kind style feature.

Custom Jacquard Ties

Exquisite textures that elevate overall quality and imbue profound meaning.

Smooth and luxurious silk, creates an unparalleled sense of luxury, enhancing your charisma.

Easy to tie and care for, the epitome of cost-effectiveness.

Custom Cotton Ties

Bringing comfort and understated elegance,  subtly refined and poised.

Custom Bow Ties

Crafted in unique shapes to create a youthful style, breaking away from dullness and embracing vitality.

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Details of Tie Customization


The standard size for men’s ties is 8x148cm, but we can customize the length and width to meet your specific requirements. There are diverse styles to choose from, including pre-tied ties, bow ties, and women’s ties.


Both logos and designs should be in high resolution (150-300 dpi). While TIFF format is preferred, we also accept PDF, JPG, PNG, and other formats.


Our advanced printing methods, including digital printing and screen printing, allow for precise printing in the specific locations you specify.


Choose the colors for your custom ties according to your preferences. To ensure greater accuracy, please provide us with the specific Pantone (PMS) color codes. This will allow us to select the appropriate colors based on your logo and suggested colors.

Care Label

We offer free care labels and can customize them with corresponding designs upon request. However, you may choose to keep your customization simple by not adding any labels to the tie.

Special Note

Please ensure that you have legal ownership or rights to submit the logo or image. We do not support customization of designs that infringe upon copyright.

Except for custom ties, you can also receive…

Custom Packaging: We provide personalized packaging service that can be customized to match your preferred colors and feature logos, elevating the visual appeal and sophistication of your products.

Fast Delivery Time: Once the customization details are confirmed, our professional factory will promptly initiate production. We strictly adhere to the agreed-upon delivery time for your custom ties, ensuring that your upcoming events are not affected.

Reliable Service: Our team of highly skilled professionals is available 24/7 to deliver top-notch service. We offer timely feedback and resolution to any issues that may arise during the customization process. Each custom necktie undergoes meticulous quality inspections to guarantee that you receive a flawless product.

Professional Supplier: Sinosilk boasts industry-leading expertise and a professional factory. With satisfied customers around the world and a stellar reputation, we strive for excellence in every product, ensuring that the neckties are exquisite, prints are clear, and stitching is impeccable. We eagerly anticipate our next collaboration with you!

Our Ties Engage in Your Life

Wedding Ties

Precious moments in life necessitate the involvement of our customized ties. An exquisite men’s tie is more than a mere accessory—it serves as a witness to the entire journey, brimming with joy, excitement, and even tears. A wedding bestows upon it a special significance, allowing you to incorporate any element into the tie design, ensuring that anyone who glimpses it in the future will be reminded of that beautiful occasion.

School Ties

Uniform school ties not only allow students to assert their identities but also promote equality among them, eradicating potential differences stemming from family backgrounds. You can customize ties of varying shapes, sizes, and colors based on grade level, school, and major. These ties are easy to knot and comfortable to wear, and even special pre-tied styles are available for lower-grade students.

Club Ties

Custom ties serve as an exceptional promotional tool for clubs. Vibrant colors and distinctive logos unexpectedly capture the attention of potential partners, leaving an indelible impression. They also serve as tokens of appreciation for members, expressing gratitude for their enduring support and fostering stronger bonds between one another.

Corporate Ties

To make a lasting impression at trade shows or other promotional events, a representative custom corporate tie is essential. It becomes the company’s finest business card, embodying its image and corporate culture. Every detail of the exquisite custom tie exudes professionalism, bolstering the trust of business partners and propelling your enterprise forward!

Airplane Ties

The skies at altitudes of ten thousand meters also serve as significant arenas for showcasing custom ties. They embody the airline’s image, the professionalism of the crew, and the trust of passengers. These airplane ties harmonize the appearance of pilots, exuding attractiveness and professionalism while also conveying the airline’s unwavering commitment to reliability.

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