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Custom Wool Scarves

Whether you are looking for a luxurious and soft wool scarf to boost your business, Sinosilk is your best supplier. We offer scarves made from 100% wool fabric that is guaranteed comfortable to use and warm. It is also added with a premium design to add elegance and uniqueness.

Our wool scarves are designed to be used for all seasons in the year. It provides warmth during cold season while being breathable and quick-drying on hot summer. Thus, it is perfect for winter, autumn, and spring. Your customers will surely love these functional and versatile wool scarves.

Sinosilk offers wool scarves in different sizes including 200cm x 65cm, 90cm x 90cmc, 135cm x 135cm, and more. Guaranteed that it can have full coverage for your customers. Custom wool sizes are also available according to your specific needs.

As a professional supplier, Sinosilk offers wool scarves in different colors. You can choose from brown, red, gray, yellow, black, and more. Custom colors are also available to meet your requirements. We also offer custom-printed designs using the latest printing methods to ensure vibrancy and attractiveness. Send us your inquiries today!

100% Plain Wool Scarf
100% Plain Wool Scarf
100% Twill Wool Scarf
100% Twill Wool Scarf
Herringbone Silk Wool Shawl
Herringbone Silk Wool Shawl
Modal Wool Scarf
Modal Wool Blend Scarf
Water Soluble Wool Scarf
Water Soluble Wool Scarf
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Advantages of Using Scarves Made from Wool

Hand touch softness. Scarves made from wool are soft and smooth to touch, does not have a sticky feeling, and provides a tingling effect.

Elasticity. The wool fabric used in the scarves production are guaranteed to have excellent rebound rate making it more resistant to wrinkle.

Safe to Use. We manufacture wool scarves that are non-allergenic making it perfect for customers with sensitive skin.

Heavy-Duty. Our wool scarves are more durable compared to other scarves material. Thus, making it long-lasting.

How to Take Care of Wool Scarves?
  1. Use safe detergent for washing
  2. Do not wash the wool scarves vigorously
  3. Flat drying is recommended
  4. Use a softener after rinsing to make it more comfortable and soft
  5. Chlorine bleach should not be used when washing the scarf
What Hemming of Wool Scarf do You Have?

For the hemming of Wool scarf, we would extremely recommend fringe, cause wool material texture charator, it’s not fitting to make machine hem or hand rolled hem, because of wool material is too lose on the charator, even we make perfect when manufacturing, it will also be ease to break when customer use.

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