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Custom Winter Scarves

Sinosilk utilizes fabrics with optimal thickness to create winter scarves that provide excellent warmth. Our winter scarves offer your customers the utmost comfort and luxury. They not only shield against harsh weather during the cold season but also effortlessly maintain a sense of style.

Our factory boasts exceptional professionalism and provides comprehensive customization services. You can choose the perfect style and size for personalized prints, which can feature brand logos, slogans, sports club names, paintings, art designs, and other graphics. Additionally, we offer customizable labels and packaging to suit your specific requirements. A fully customized winter scarf enhances its visual appeal, leaving a lasting impression and propelling your campaign forward.

Our winter scarves are competitively priced, with the lowest MOQ. Whether you are a retailer, a clothing design brand, or any other business seeking wholesale custom winter scarves, we are your premier supplier. Take action now and send us an inquiry!


The key features of winter scarves make them an indispensable accessory for the cold season. 

Warmth. Winter scarves provide exceptional warmth to the wearer’s neck and chest, preventing loss of body heat.

Soft and comfortable. We use soft fabrics to make our winter scarves that are very comfortable to wear. It can help relieve discomfort caused by cold air or drafts.

Multifunctional. Winter scarves are versatile and can be worn in different ways, draped, wrapped or fastened to match individual preferences with different outfits.

Wide range of people. Winter scarves can be worn by all people regardless of age and gender. Our scarves make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Custom Details

We aim to create winter scarves that cater to your preferences. So when crafting our winter scarves, we offer a plethora of customizable options for you. 

  • Fabrics: 16mm,19mm and 22mm silk satin; 16mm,18mm and 22mm silk twill; Wool; Cashmere; Modal wool; Modal cashmere
  • Styles: Long scarf; Square scarf
  • Printing methods: Conventional digital printing; Double sided printing
  • Hemming: Hand rolled hem; Reversed hand hem; Machine baby hem; Seamless double layer; Fringe; Tassel
  • Label: We have printed labels and woven labels, you can also choose the sewing methods: hand sewed labels and machine sewed labels.
  • Packaging: We have many kinds of boxes for you to choose: lid gift box, book-style gift box, slipcase gift box, and envelope style.

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