What Is a Neck Gaiter? – Provide 10+ Fashion Ways to Style

You may have seen someone wearing neck gaiters often, but do you know exactly what a neck gaiter is? From the purpose to the material, this post will help you gain in-depth knowledge about what a neck gaiter is. In addition, the post will also provide you with more than ten ways to help you style it fashionably. Start reading the post and dive into the world of neck gaiter now!

What Is a Neck Gaiter?

A neck gaiter is a tube-shaped cloth around the wearer’s neck, maintaining the proper neck temperature. Accoring to various needs, the wearer can also extend its coverage over the head and face by stretching it. Therefore, the materials used to make neck gaiters are usually stretchable and breathable. There’s much to discuss concerning its abundant uses and manifold materials.

What Is a Neck Gaiter Used for?

  • For UV Protection

When doing outdoor sports such as running, cycling, etc., the overly intense sunlight may be uncomfortable and even expose the skin to potential damage from too strong UV rays. Wearing a neck gaiter at this time is a very appropriate choice. Being breathable and lightweight, it protects you from UV rays and does not affect your workout at the same time.

  • For Keeping Warm

If you’re going out on a cold winter’s day when strong winds are blowing, a neck gaiter might be exactly what you need. Wearing a neck gaiter protects your neck, head, and face from the cold air. Neck gaiters, especially those of thick materials, can help you feel at ease on cold days.

  • For Fixing Hair

If you have long hair, you must have been irritated by the annoyance of having stray hairs constantly scratching your face. A neck gaiter can also be used as an accessory to help you keep your hair in place. Whether going out or staying indoors, you can always use a neck gaiter as a hair tie.

  • For Emergency Use

In case of an emergency situation while doing outdoor sports, a neck gaiter can also come in handy for emergency use. Just like a bandage, you can use a neck gaiter to stop bleeding or support sprained body parts. A simple neck gaiter might one day become your lifesaver; who can tell?

What Is a Neck Gaiter Made of?

For all different purposes mentioned, neck gaiters are not made from any material. Not only does a good neck gaiter need to have enough elasticity to be stretchy, but it also needs to meet what a neck gaiter is used for.

For those neck gaiters that are used for outdoor activities and sports, they need to be breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. These characteristics ensure that they can absorb sweat and stay as dry as possible while you are exercising. For neck gaiters that are meant to keep you warm, they need to be thick enough to lock the temperature in the first place.

These requirements prevent common fabrics such as cotton and linen from making neck gaiters, so which fabrics are more suitable? The following are the most suitable and common fabrics for neck gaiters, which are made of different materials for different purposes:

  1. Silk

Being thin and smooth, silk is an ideal fabric for a neck gaiter. The outstanding breathability of silk allows your neck to stay in a fresh state while doing outdoor activities. Even if you wear a neck gaiter to fix your hair, it can contribute to keeping your hair away from dust in the open air.

  1. Wool

As a natural fabric weaved in a rather high density, wool works well in retaining heat. While wearing neck gaiters in the cold winter season, those made of wool can help prevent the gale from blowing in lest you catch a cold or even cervical spondylosis.

  1. Fleece

Fleece, referred to as “synthetic fleece” in short, is an artificial material mimicking natural fibers. While smoother and less itchy, wearing a neck gaiter made of fleece also helps regulate your body temperature. However, this ability to insulate the neck will fade away when it gets wet.

  1. Polyester

Also, being a synthetic artificial fiber, polyester has quite a few advantages: it’s flexible while remaining strong and has good moisture resistance. But being not breathable enough makes it probably not particularly good for your skin. However, the production of polyester can cause significant harm to the environment.

A Variety of Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter

To own a neck gaiter is to have a versatile and transformable accessory. Why? Because there are more than ten ways to wear a neck gaiter to provide you with a brand-new look by turning it into other accessories. Here are some of the ways you can follow to wear a neck gaiter diversly:

  1. Neck Warmer: Place the neck gaiter directly over your head and put it around your neck.
  2. Face Mask: After wearing the neck gaiter, pull the front part up to cover half of your face. You can wear it along the sides of your nose.
  3. Hair Wrap: Start by placing the neck gaiter through your head, including your hair. Then, lift the front part of the neck gaiter and stretch it back to wrap your hair completely.
  4. Hair Tie: Compress your neck gaiter into a flatter circle-like shape along the fabric. Then, you can directly use it as a hair tie to help fix your hair.
  5. Hood: Firstly, place the neck gaiter on your neck. Lift the back part of the neck gaiter from above, like the way you put on this part from your hoodie.
  6. Balaclava: Some people also call it a “Ninja”. After putting your neck gaiter as a hood, pull up the front part of the fabric to the place under your eyes.
  7. Bandana: To wear a neck gaiter in a bandana way, turn it inside out. Put your hands through the inner part to grab each side of the neck gaiter, and pull them back through to make a knot. Stretch the knot towards one side; the bigger side is for putting on your head. Finally, tighten the knot in the back of your head to fix it.
  8. Beanie: To some extent, a beanie is similar to how you put the neck gaiter in a bandana way. The only difference lies in the wearing method. At first, you straighten up your neck gaiter and tie a knot directly. Then, pull the knot and put it on your head, which is the way to wear a neck gaiter as a beanie.
  9. Doorag: Turn the neck gaiter inside out and lay it flat over your head. Turn the inside out and place it over your head while covering the original side. This is how to wear the neck gaiter as a doorag.
  10. Cap: Again, flip your neck gaiter, twist it, and unfold one side to wrap the other. Then, you can wear the neck gaiter as a cap on your head.
  11. Wrist Band: It’s actually a way to store your neck gaiter by simply wrapping it around your wrist.

Tips on Caring for a Neck Gaiter

  • Your neck gaiter should not be ironed in any circumstance.
  • The best way to wash your neck gaiter is by hand in lukewarm water.
  • Avoid using bleach, fabric softener, and strong detergent to wash your neck gaiter.
  • Remember that the neck gaiter could not be exposed to direct sunlight when drying.
  • Always find a dry and cool place to store your neck gaiter carefully instead of tossing it anywhere.


What is a neck gaiter? After reading this detailed post, you must have your own answer. When to wear a neck gaiter, what material to choose for a neck gaiter, how to care for a neck gaiter, and even how to wear a neck gaiter in a variety of styles is no longer a problem for you. As a popular product nowadays, it is a wise decision to manufacture neck gaiters, at this time.

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