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Are you searching for more possibilities for your designs or projects? Don’t limit yourself to the materials you already know – discover our collection of stretch silk twill fabrics!

At Sinosilk, we provide an extensive range of options to cater to your diverse design preferences and applications. Unleash your imagination and creativity as you choose from our undyed, plain-dyed, or custom-printed stretch silk twill fabrics, available by yards or meters. 

As a professional manufacturer of stretch silk twill fabrics, we adhere to the use of top-quality materials and advanced machinery, ensuring that each inch of fabric exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Feel free to request our free fabric samples to inspect the quality firsthand.

Our meticulously crafted stretch silk twill fabrics are offered to you at factory prices and the lowest MOQs. If you are passionate about beauty and creativity, these fabrics will undoubtedly inspire your next project. Contact us and request a quote!

  • Undyed Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
    Undyed Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

    We offer you minimally processed undyed stretch sill twill fabric, allowing you to directly experience its natural essence and create your ideal artwork with precision.

    Features: Artistic freedom, slightly firm texture, natural off-white color

  • Plain Dyed Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
    Plain Dyed Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

    Customize our plain-dyed stretch silk twill fabrics in trendy seasonal shades. This helps you quickly respond to fashion trends and introduce customer-favorite product lines to expand your brand’s influence.

    Features: Multiple color options in stock, even dyeing, customizable with specified colors (Pantone color codes, fabric swatches)

  • Printed Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
    Printed Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

    Our custom-printed stretch silk twill fabric, tailored to your design specifications, exudes a captivating allure that helps you stand out in a crowded market.

    Features: Clear and precise printing, design flexibility, copyright protection provided

Common Thickness (108/140cm Width)

  • 14mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
    14mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
  • 16mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
    16mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
  • 19mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
    19mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
  • 23mm 24mm 25mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
    23/24/25mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

Advantages of Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

  • Elasticity: This fabric effectively addresses the limitations of traditional non-stretch silk twills by providing flexibility for stretching and quick shape recovery.
  • Texture: The Twill weaving process creates a diagonal texture on the fabric, enhancing its overall texture and providing a touch of sophistication.
  • Luster: Under different lighting conditions, the fabric reflects light, resulting in a subtle shine that enhances visual appeal and imparts a luxurious appearance.
  • Strength: The twill fabric structure and elastic fibers bolster the fabric’s strength and durability, making it more resistant to wear and extending its lifespan.
  • Versatility: With the addition of spandex, the fabric becomes more versatile. It maintains its aesthetic appeal while enhancing overall practicality, suitable for various occasions and purposes.
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The Ideal End Uses of Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

The Ideal End Uses of Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

Stretch silk twill fabrics are typically crafted from silk fibers and synthetic fibers (spandex). These fabrics preserve the remarkable qualities associated with silk, such as its softness, skin-friendliness, natural breathability, and lack of irritation. Additionally, they incorporate stretch properties, offering a more fitted and flexible experience. 

As a result, it is widely utilized in various clothing projects.

Intimate Apparel: The combination of comfort and stretchability makes it an ideal choice for creating underwear, sleepwear, and robes.

Professional Attire: Lightweight and flexible stretch silk twill uniforms and suits, such as hotel uniforms, offer a tailored fit without restricting movement.

Formalwear and Wedding Dresses: With its luxurious texture and graceful drape, it adds a touch of brilliance to weddings and events.

Everyday Clothing: Blouses, jackets, dresses, pants, and even activewear benefit from its stretchability, providing a custom-like fit and comfort.

In addition to these applications, it can be used to make scarves, pocket squares, headbands, hair accessories, curtains, and cushions. It also serves as a suitable lining material in garment construction, preventing wear and tear.

Why Choose Sinosilk for Custom Stretch Silk Twill Fabric?

Why Choose Sinosilk for Custom Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
Why Choose Sinosilk for Custom Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

Controlled Product Quality – We maintain strict control over the entire production process, starting from the careful selection of high-quality and stable yarns that serve as the foundation for subsequent weaving.

Color Assurance – Through meticulous manufacturing, dyeing, and printing processes, the stretch silk twill fabric achieves an impressive color accuracy rate of over 95%, resulting in finished products that boast vibrant colors and exceptional colorfastness, ensuring minimal fading.

Quality Inspection Service – Upon completing all production work, our fabric inspectors conduct a comprehensive examination to ensure precise quantity and consistent fabric quality. 

Secure Packaging – Our fabric undergoes initial wrapping in a protective transparent film to effectively prevent water seepage. It is then fully encased in woven bags to prevent potential damage and stains, ensuring that you receive our exceptional stretch silk twill fabric securely and without any compromise.

Reliable Supply – As a leading fabric supplier in China, our factory maintains a stable production capability to meet the needs of our global customers. We have received recognition and approval from over 5000 customers worldwide.

How to care for stretch silk twill fabric?
  1. Follow the care instructions provided by the fabric manufacturer to choose the proper washing method.
  2. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as well as hot water.
  3. To prevent color bleeding, wash the fabric separately based on color.
  4. Do not twist or wring the fabric when it is wet.
  5. Avoid exposing the fabric to direct sunlight for extended periods.
  6. Use a low heat setting when ironing to avoid any potential damage.

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