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Custom Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

Stretch Silk Twill Fabric Wholesale

Stretch silk twill fabrics are typically composed of a blend of natural silk fibers and synthetic fibers (spandex) that are interwoven. These fabrics preserve the remarkable qualities associated with silk, such as its softness, skin-friendliness, natural breathability, and lack of irritation. Additionally, they incorporate stretch properties, offering a more fitted and flexible experience. 

At Sinosilk, we provide an extensive range of options to cater to your diverse design preferences and applications. Unleash your imagination and creativity with our plain-colored or natural undyed stretch silk twill fabrics, carefully selected from our wide array of colors. For those seeking a genuinely personalized selection, our customization service enables you to create unique colors and prints that perfectly match your design. As a professional manufacturer of stretch silk twill fabrics, we adhere to the use of top-quality materials and advanced machinery, ensuring that each inch of fabric exemplifies our commitment to excellence. 

Our meticulously crafted stretch silk twill fabrics are offered to you at factory prices. If you have a passion for beauty and creativity, these fabrics will undoubtedly inspire your next project. Explore our collection of stretch silk twill fabrics and unlock a world of possibilities that will pave the way to your success. Contact us and request a quote!

Common Thickness (108/140cm Width)

  • 14mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
  • 16mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
  • 19mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric
  • 23/24/25mm Stretch Silk Twill Fabric

Newly Upgraded Fabric

Our stretch silk twill fabric represents an advancement in silk fabric development, effectively addressing the limitations of traditional non-stretch silk twills. The Twill weaving process creates a diagonal texture on the fabric, enhancing its overall texture and providing a touch of sophistication. This subtle luster of the fabric under different lighting conditions enhances its visual appeal, adding a tasteful hint of luxury.

With the inclusion of elastic spandex, the fabric expands its versatility and applications. Luxurious garments like skirts and shirts crafted from stretch silk twill fabric enhance overall silhouettes while creating captivating looks when used in evening gowns. Moreover, this fabric extends beyond clothing and finds utility in home textiles and interior decor, offering individuals new options for attire and infusing living spaces with an added touch of refinement.

Fabric Production and Transportation

We maintain strict control over the entire production process, starting from the careful selection of high-quality and stable yarns that serve as the foundation for subsequent weaving. Through meticulous manufacturing, dyeing, and printing processes, the stretch silk twill fabric achieves an impressive color accuracy rate of over 95%, resulting in finished products that boast vibrant colors and exceptional colorfastness, ensuring minimal fading. Once all preparations are complete, our fabric inspectors conduct a comprehensive examination to ensure precise quantity and consistent fabric quality. Only fabrics that successfully pass the inspection are entrusted to our shipping department for packaging. 

To safeguard the fabric during transportation, it is first wrapped in a protective transparent film, effectively preventing water seepage, and then securely packed in woven bags, providing an additional layer of defense against potential damage and stains. All that effort is dedicated to ensuring that you receive our exceptional stretch silk twill fabric securely and without any compromise.

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