Bulk Custom Solid Silk Scarf

Elegant solid silk scarves exude sophistication and the simplicity of the solid color allows the luxurious textured silk to take center stage. It’s the perfect accessory that can’t be beaten. Silk has always been celebrated for its smoothness, softness, and lustrous feel. Without unnecessary patterns and prints to divert attention, all eyes are on the stylish outfit and the silk’s texture.

This is when the choice of silk fabrics becomes crucial. We offer a selection of silk fabrics: the strong gloss and soft silk satin, the uniquely styled silk stretch with elasticity, the crisp and glossy silk habotai, the textured silk crepe de chine with a grainy feel, the light and airy silk chiffon, and the irregular texture of silk georgette, among others. Customize your solid silk scarves in the perfect fabric for your clients and add a timeless and versatile accessory to their wardrobe.

In addition to fabric selection, two other critical factors in the customization process are color and size. We offer a palette of 90 colors to choose from and customization by providing specific Pantone color values is allowed when a certain MOQ is reached. As for size customization, our common sizes include 50 x 50cm, 53 x 53cm, 65 x 65cm, 65 x 180cm, and 110 x 110cm. We also can customize other sizes based on your specification. Additionally, the hemmings are used as a finishing touch to plain silk scarves to provide overall beauty and durability, and customized labels and tags are also available.

Customized solid silk scarves are perfect for both formal occasions and casual moments of fun. Our custom solid silk scarves feature an even and vibrant surface color. Both bright and pastel shades catch people’s attention. Our team is available 24/7, ready to address any problems. Contact us now for samples and quotes!

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