Custom Design Silk Wild Rag

All Silk Wild Rags are made of 100% High Quality Pure Silk.

  • Variety of fabric options
  • Hand stitched hem or machine hem
  • Functional and Protective. Our silk wild rags can shield your customers neck and face from the elements, such as sun exposure, wind, dust, and insects.
  • Versatile Design. With its generous size and square shape, our silk wild rag can be styled in countless ways.

Silk Wild Rag Manufacturer in China

Sinosilk is a silk wild rag that is the ultimate accessory for those customers who appreciate both style and functionality. Made from luxurious silk, this versatile and vibrant wild rag is designed to elevate your customer’s outdoor adventures.

With its silk fabric craftsmanship, these wild rags are naturally thermal regulating. It will keep your customers warm during the cold and breathable during the hot season.

Wild Rag made from also has maximum durability and hypoallergenic properties making it ideal for customers with sensitive skin.

At Sinosilk, we aim to boost your business by providing the broadest selection of silk wild rag patterns and colors. We can also manufacture these wild rags according to your specific designs and styles. Send us your inquiries today!

The Past and Present of Silk Wild Rag

In the past, the silk wild rag was an iconic garment of cowboys, serving multiple functions. It can be used to wipe away sweat, protect the mouth and nose from dust, and even function as a first aid bandage, making it hold special significance for cowboys. Nowadays, this scarf is no longer limited to cowboys alone. It is commonly used by both western and casual riders in equestrian events, ranch equestrian activities, dressage, and other equestrian training or competitions. Additionally, it can be used as a fashionable accessory. It can be worn as a headband, like Anne Hathaway, or tied to a hat or handbag. It can even be used as a decorative scarf for dogs.

The Past and Present of Silk Wild Rag
What size of silk wide rags do you provide?

The standard size of our silk wild rags is 36 inches x 36 inches. However, we can also manufacture based on your specific size requirements.

What silk weaves do you use for manufacturing wild rags?

We use three different silk weaves including heavy, medium, and light. The warmth of the wild rag will be determined by its size and weight.

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