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Custom Silk Velvet Scrunchie

Sinosilk offers silk velvet scrunchies that combine the timeless elegance of silk with the plush texture of velvet, creating a statement piece that is both stylish and comfortable.

Crafted from the finest silk, our silk velvet scrunchie boasts a lustrous and smooth surface that glides effortlessly through the hair. The addition of velvet elevates its appeal, providing a soft and velvety touch.

The elastic band is carefully selected to provide a secure and comfortable hold without damaging or pulling the hair. Thus, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

If you need wholesale silk velvet scrunchie for your business, Sinosilk is your best supplier. As a professional silk velvet scrunchie manufacturer, we guarantee to offer competitive prices, low MOQ, and excellent services. Send us your inquiries today!

Small Silk Velvet Scrunchie
Small Silk Velvet Scrunchie
Large Silk Velvet Scrunchie
Large Silk Velvet Scrunchie
Bunny Ear Silk Velvet Scrunchie
Bunny Ear Silk Velvet Scrunchie
bowknot silk velvet scrunchies
Bowknot Silk Velvet Scrunchie
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Custom Silk Velvet Scrunchie Option

Sinosilk offers offer the option to customize the silk velvet scrunchie with your company logo or branding. It includes:

  • Sizes
  • Label
  • Packaging
  • Designs
  • Styles
  • Color Selection
Silk Velvet Scrunchie
Silk Velvet Scrunchie

Available Sizes You Can Choose

  • 1cm
  • 2cm
  • 3cm
  • 4cm
  • 5cm
  • 6cm
  • 8cm, and more

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