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If you’re seeking a fabric that seamlessly blends the smooth elegance of silk satin with the captivating three-dimensional feel of silk organza, look no further than silk taffeta. This luxurious fabric flawlessly combines the best of both worlds, catering to your specific needs.

Silk taffeta, a time-honored and prestigious plain silk originating from France, is renowned for its smooth surface, subtle sheen, and exceptional durability. It finds its place in the creation of wedding gowns, dresses, skirts, and other elegant garments.  Furthermore, its luxurious appeal makes it a sought-after choice for interior decoration.

As a leading silk manufacturer, Sinosilk offers a comprehensive range of silk taffeta options, including solid colors, two-tone colors, patterns, and jacquard patterns. We cater to your specific requirements with customized colors, patterns, and competitive pricing. If you’re still exploring your options, we’re happy to provide free samples. Experience the exceptional quality of silk taffeta for yourself—send your inquiry today.

By Momme Weights

For custom orders of silk Taffeta fabric, we offer two widths: 114cm and 140cm.  Our most popular silk Taffeta fabrics come in 16mm and 19mm momme weights.

Yarn-Dyed Silk Taffeta Fabric

For captivating and lasting color, select yarn-dyed silk taffeta from our range of solid colors. To minimize potential color inconsistencies, we suggest opting for a darker shade.

You can also explore the possibility of customizing a special two-tone silk taffeta for a more colorful, shimmering effect. (Custom two-tone silk taffeta requires a minimum order and several color confirmations for the desired final result.)

If you prefer a patterned silk taffeta, we can customize yarn-dyed silk taffeta with check or stripe patterns in various colors on demand. These are our popular options.

We also welcome you to customize our yarn dyed silk fabrics with a jacquard pattern, featuring your brand logo, natural animal motifs, or floral designs.

Yarn-Dyed Silk Taffeta Fabric
How is Silk Taffeta Fabric Made

How is Silk Taffeta Fabric Made?

  • Cocoon Selecting: At Sinosilk, we start with the best—carefully selecting only the finest cocoons to ensure your silk taffeta fabric is top-notch.
  • Cocoon Cooking: The cocoons are boiled in hot water, a process that removes the silkworms within.
  • Silk Reeling: Next, the cocoons are unraveled to create raw silk, the foundation of your beautiful silk taffeta.
  • Silk Degumming: Raw silk is immersed in an alkaline solution to dissolve the gum present on its surface. This degumming process enhances the silk’s color retention ability, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting hues.
  • Silk Spinning: The resulting silk is spun into yarns, ready for the next stage of production.
  • Yarn Dyeing: The yarns are dyed to your bespoke color using our eco-friendly dyes, creating vibrant and durable hues.
  • Fabric Weaving: Yarn dyed silk taffeta utilizes pre-dyed yarns in its weaving process.  The combination of warp and weft yarns in different colors results in two-tone silk taffeta or patterned silk taffeta. 

Key Features of Silk Taffeta Fabric

Appealing Appearance: Silk taffeta fabric has a flat, smooth surface with a slight, gentle, and attractive sheen that is not as strong as silk satin. It shares similarities with silk habotai but with a slightly smoother and softer texture.

Unique Texture: Silk taffeta, one of the most densely woven silks, has a subtle texture and a crisp, almost stiff touch. This characteristic contributes to its ability to keep its shape, making styling effortless.

Rustling Sound: A notable characteristic of silk taffeta is the gentle rustling sound it makes as you move, a result of the fabric’s subtle friction against itself.

Exceptional Durability: Silk taffeta, a medium-weight silk, is woven more tightly than other silks, resulting in a sturdier silk fabric with enhanced durability.

Waterproof Properties: Silk taffeta has a tightly woven, smooth surface that provides a degree of water resistance.

Poor Wrinkle-Resistance: Silk taffeta is prone to stubborn creases when heavily folded.

Key Features of Silk Taffeta Fabric
Versatile Applications of Silk Taffeta

Versatile Applications: Silk Taffeta Inspiration

Silk taffeta, with its captivating sheen, crisp texture, and exceptional durability, is a versatile fabric with a rich history in both fashion and home décor. Its elegant drape and luxurious feel have made it a popular choice for designers and crafters alike. Whether you’re dreaming of a stunning gown or adding a touch of sophistication to your home, silk taffeta has the potential to elevate any project.

Need some inspiration for your next silk taffeta creation? Let’s explore some possibilities!

Clothing & Accessories:

  • Formal Wear: Wedding dresses, evening gowns, ball gowns, prom dresses, suits
  • Bridal Wear: Bridesmaid dresses, bridal accessories
  • Everyday Wear: Blouses, skirts, dresses, linings, trimmings, windbreakers
  • Corsets & Corsetry: Silk taffeta is highly valued for its ability to provide structure and support in corsets and other corsetry pieces.
  • Other: Lingerie, historical costumes, hats, bags

Home Furnishings:

  • Window Treatments: Curtains, drapes, valances
  • Upholstery: Chairs, sofas, headboards, wall coverings
  • Other: Lampshades, decorative accents

Sinosilk: Your Wholesale Source for Custom Silk Taffeta

Comprehensive Customization Options:

Sinosilk offers a wide range of silk taffeta options, including solid colors, two-tone colors, patterns, and jacquard patterns. You can customize colors, and patterns, and even get free samples to explore your options. This level of customization ensures you get exactly the silk taffeta you envision for your project.

Uncompromising Quality and Expertise:

As a leading silk manufacturer, Sinosilk guarantees high-quality silk taffeta fabric made from carefully selected cocoons. Our meticulous process, from cocoon selection to yarn dyeing, ensures durability and vibrant colors. This commitment to quality ensures you receive a luxurious fabric that will last.

Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Service:

Sinosilk offers competitive pricing for your bespoke silk taffeta fabric. We simplify your production by providing a one-stop service, including free samples, answering your questions, and eliminating the hassle of sourcing from multiple factories. You receive a quality product not only at a fair price but also backed by our exceptional support.

Your Wholesale Source for Custom Silk Taffeta

Care Instructions for Silk Taffeta Fabric

Silk taffeta, while more durable than other silk fabrics, still requires special care. Dry cleaning is the preferred method, ensuring the fabric stays in pristine condition. Avoid machine washing, and if hand washing is necessary, use cool water and a gentle detergent. 

Remember, proper storage is crucial for silk taffeta fabric. Store silk taffeta loosely rolled or unfolded. Avoid heavy folding or pressing, as wrinkles on silk taffeta are often stubborn. Besides, keep it away from humid areas, and store it in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Is silk taffeta real silk?

Yes, silk taffeta is 100% pure silk. While silk taffeta is made from pure silk, taffeta fabrics can also be made from polyester, nylon, or other synthetic fibers. So, when you see “taffeta,” always check the fabric composition to know if it’s silk or a synthetic alternative.

Does silk taffeta wrinkle easily?

Yes, silk taffeta, like most silk fabrics, is prone to wrinkling. These wrinkles can be particularly stubborn and difficult to remove, especially if the fabric is pressed or folded heavily.

What does silk taffeta feel like?

Silk taffeta feels crisp, smooth, and slightly stiff, similar to a high-quality umbrella fabric but with a luxurious silk softness.

What is the difference between silk dupioni and silk taffeta?

Silk dupioni is woven from double cocoons, resulting in a unique, irregular surface with slubs. This unevenness gives silk dupioni a slightly rougher feel. While silk taffeta is woven from regular silk cocoons, creating a smoother, more uniform surface. It has a crisper, more formal drape than silk dupioni.

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