Silk Scarves VS Silk Bonnets: Which One Is Your Sleeping Partner?

Head wraps for sleeping are instrumental in both hair health and beauty. Among multiple choices, silk scarves & bonnets are popular for their excellent comfort and functionality. Many customers know they are both great but do not know which one to choose.  

Do not sweat it! These 2 types of products will no longer tangle in your mind now that you have been here. In this post, we will explore their benefits, similarities and differences and you will be able to decide which one is better for you.

Benefits of Sleeping in A Silk Scarf and A Silk Bonnet

There is an astonishing fact – your hair gets split and broken more at night than during the day. Sleeping on harsh fabrics exposes your hair to rough touches, and it also generates moisture loss in your hair. It is not over yet. Your tossing and turning takes a toll – it worsens the friction and moisture absorption. 

Silk scarves & bonnets can serve as warriors to these problems. They can intercept the coarse contact and provide a desirable environment for the hair. 

Made of one of the finest fabrics, silk scarves for the bed and silk bonnets induce little rubbing on your hair. Their soft and ultra-smooth texture allows hair to glide over without pulling or tugging.  

For another, they absorb less water from hair and can release some moisture.

That being so, your hair can experience less friction and moisture smuggling. It tends to have get less tangled, knotted and frizzed, as well as remain hydrated. For days, you can suffer less from split ends and hair brokerage with silk hear wraps for bed. 

Benefits of Sleeping in A Silk Scarf

Silk Scarves VS Silk Bonnets: Similarities

Silk scarves for bed and silk bonnets assume some similar properties, apart from protecting hair to dramatic effect.


As of the same type of fabric, silk scarves & bonnets both take on unparalleled comfortability. Their raw material is one of the most breathable fabrics, able to dissipate excess heat and circulate air. You can enjoy a cool and comfortable touch with both products.

Friendliness to Scalp

Silk scarves & bonnets are manufactured by natural animal fibers and do not have to be treated with much chemicals. Thus they are less likely to induce an allergic reaction when intimate to your scalp. They are just the ticket for people with chemical fiber allergies. 

Furthermore, they are made of tight weaving and leave barely any gaps for dust and mites. They will not get into bad hygiene soon and bring some stimulus to the scalp.

Durability with Proper Maintenance

The inner structure of both products has strong tensile strength, not easy to break off or tear apart. However, they are fragile to the sharp touch and oversoaking, as natural animal products. Overall, they can be used for a long time provided that you clean and care for them with proper methods.  


Silk scarves & bonnets for sleeping are sustainable without much debate. 

Above all, their raw materials are garnered from nature, the cultivated silkworms, not from petroleum. Further, they implement more stringent standards for chemicals in production than other silk products, to secure the safety of direct contact with human skin. Consequently, many commercial silk scarves & bonnets are compostable without much reprocessing. 

Silk Scarves VS Silk Bonnets: Differences

Flexibility in Usage

Head scarves for sleeping are much more flexible than silk bonnets. They can be used in various ways, including wrapping under a hair bun, covering the whole head and neck, making a turban, etc. You can even just flat them on your pillows.

The reason being, head scarves are of rich variety. They can be rectangular or triangular and of different sizes from handkerchiefs to pillowcases. With so many options, people create numerous different usages matching their styles and needs. Besides, different usages yield slightly diverse results. 

Per contra, silk bonnets are manufactured within a narrow range of sizes and shapes. You can just put it on and make a few adjustments.

Difficulty of Wearing

The regular customers can make full use of silk scarves’ flexibility and handle different tying at ease. But that is not the case for newcomers. They may even sweat over binding scarves up.  

For silk bonnets, donning them is much simpler. You can even just put a bonnet on as a cap (had better not). Even to get the maximized benefits, you only need to pay a little extra attention while putting on it.

An Enclosed Environment for Hair

Silk bonnets can cuddle your hair and scalp completely and tightly. That is, your hair can be in the direct touch of silk for the whole night, similar to applying a sheet mask on the skin. It is more beneficial for your hair to retain moisture and absorb care products.

Silk scarves can not always provide the same snug care. As they can be tied in different shapes, there is often some room between your hair and silk fabric. In addition, some silk scarves are designed to wrap only part of your hair, not all.

Hairstyle Preservation

Silk bonnets have been used to preserve curly and coily hair since hundreds of years ago. They are pros in this field and have a reputation for hairstyle maintenance.

Silk scarves, on the other hand, do not offer this function. Their designers would not put emphasis on it. Still, some scarf-wrapping gurus can feature it out.

Edge Protection

Sleeping with a head scarf on the head or on the pillowcase can target edge protection. You can employ their flexibility and versatility to provide special care for your edge, sheeting it with soft, smooth and breathable silk. 

But silk bonnets usually oppress your edge by a concentrated force of elastic or band. They may be detrimental to the hair growth around the edge for the obstacle to blood circulation. 

Fashion & Decoration

Silk scarves have an unexpected flair for versatility, other than head wraps for the bed. They exude an artistic sense of form and melody. 

As a chic item,  a silk scarf can finish your style. You can tie it around the neck, hand, and waist or just drape it over the shoulders. 

Equally, silk scarves are good ornaments for your house. They are as well versed in assuming various textures and styles, including opulence, elegance, exoticism and so on.

In contrast, silk bonnets do not fit outdoor usage and decoration. It seems weird to go into a street wearing a sleeping bonnet unless you enjoy it by yourself. 


How to Tie A  Head Scarf for Sleeping? 

Head scarves are so flexible that you can tie them in numerous ways, such as turban, pineapple, half-wrapping, base, etc. Here I want to share how to make a turban by a silk scarf. It has a wide application and applies to all the hair types. 

  • First, fold your silk scarf into a triangle. You can skip this step if is originally of this shape. 
  • Then, bend down your head to cascade all your hair. Take up the scarf by holding both ends. 
  • Third, cover the hairline in your back nape with the folded edge of the triangular scarf. Then, surround your head with the scarf from the back to the front and Tie a knot in the forehead. Make sure all of your hair is within it. 
  • Fourthly, tuck the last angle away into the knot.

Does Wearing A Bonnet Help Hair Grow? How?

Yes, it helps hair grow, but not directly. Wearing a bonnet prevents damage and breakage from hair, so your hair above all can focus on its growth. Moreover, a bonnet facilitates hair’s water retention and nutrition absorption, promoting the speed of growing healthy hair. 

Final thought

With the cult of hair care, wearing a quality silk head wrap is more useful than slathering too many chemical products on your hair at night. They can console the injury of your hair and protect it from other damage, without taking up much of your time, energy, and money. 

Silk scarves & bonnets are both fine protectors for your hair. Besides, they boast different additional properties. You are supposed to make your selection on your needs.

Sinosilk develops complete product lines of several head wraps for sleeping. We can provide head scarves, bonnets and other sleeping companions of the finest silk & satin fabrics. We are also professional in one-stop custom services. To find out more, please contact us. 

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