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Silk Pillowcases Provide Excellent Value for Their Cost

Silk pillowcases are all the rage. Are they because of the exaggerated spread of the Internet, or because they really have as many benefits as the Internet claims? Does the quality of silk pillowcase match the price? Let’s take a closer look at silk pillowcases.

Silk Pillowcases Are Good for Skin Care

Keep skin hydrated

Silk contains sericins similar to amino acids, the natural moisturizing factors in human skin, which allow water from the body to be transferred to the stratum corneum of the skin, thereby keeping the skin hydrated. 

The unique structure of silk can absorb water and dissipate it when the environment is dry, not only will not absorb the water on the skin but also can replenish the skin that needs water.

Healthy and hygienic

Sericin in silk has its own antibacterial effect, it has a natural defense ability against mites, bacteria, and so on. Compared with synthetic fibers, silk is less prone to static electricity. The moisture recovery rate of silk is 11%, while the rate of synthetic fibers is only 1%, so silk is not easy to generate static electricity, which can reduce the attraction of fabric to dust in the air, so it is more sanitary.


The protein fiber contained in silk is the most similar to the composition of human skin, 87 percent similar. It also contains 18 amino acids that the body needs, so it has a natural skin-friendly feel, also known as the body’s “second skin”.

Light and breathable

Silk fibers have a porosity of 20 to 30 percent, so it is very fluffy and breathable.

The gentle texture of silk pillowcases can aid in enhancing the quality of sleep by providing a soft and smooth surface for resting your head. When you sleep well, your skin will look better.

Silk Pillowcases Are Good for Hair

The pillowcases are very smooth and can reduce friction between hair and pillowcases, making hair look more shiny and less frizzy. 

The reason hair looks frizzy is because the scales have been rubbed, leaving them open and damaged. The unique structure of silk helps to minimize friction and maintain closed hair scales, leading to a decreased risk of hair damage and hair loss.

Silk acts as a natural protein to strengthen hair, prevent tangles and split ends, and promote the growth of healthy hair. At the same time, silk pillowcase has antibacterial properties, so it can ensure a healthy scalp to a certain extent, and it is also helpful for healthy hair growth.

Silk pillowcases do have many benefits. In order to truly experience these benefits, it is important to be able to differentiate genuine silk pillowcases from counterfeit ones.

How to Distinguish the Authenticity of a Silk Pillowcase?

In terms of smoothness

To determine whether a pillowcase is made of genuine silk, place it on a flat surface and inspect the smooth and delicate fabric, which often exhibits a pearlescent appearance. Imitated silk doesn’t look as natural and smooth. 

In terms of feel

The feel of silk is very soft and the silk weave is very fine, with the hand rub two layers of fabric, will give out the unique sound of silk. The imitation silk, although it feels very soft, does not look carefully, and is also easy to confuse, but the imitation silk will have a kind of wet and cold feeling.

In addition, if you grip the pillowcase tightly and release it, the silk will immediately unfold and look the same, while the imitated silk will appear wrinkled.

In terms of ductility

When you pull a pillowcase by hand, silk is very malleable, and when you pull it, you can see that the wrap and weft are intertwined. Imitated silk is easier to break.

Discrimination by combustion

Test by lighting the fabric on fire with a lighter. Silk fabrics are usually divided into warp and weft threads, which are lit separately for testing. If the burning of the material produces an unpleasant odor resembling burning hair, and the fibers contract into a black-gray ball that turns into powder when rubbed between the fingers, it is conclusive evidence that the material is 100% silk. The opposite is not true.

The above three ways of judging authenticity are very subjective, and because there are many kinds of silk fabrics, not each kind of fabric is suitable for those three ways. The fourth way — the combustion test is more objective and accurate.

All in all, the silk pillowcase does not seem to be in vain, and can even be considered great value for money.

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