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Custom Silk Kimono

Your Custom Design Silk Kimono Manufacture

Sinosilk is your dependable supplier of high-quality silk kimonos, providing flexible customization options to enhance your customers’ unique luxury and comfort.

As a manufacturer with over a decade of expertise in crafting silk garments, we offer an extensive range of choices. We are carefully tailored to your specifications, including flexible prints, a wide selection of silk fabrics, various lengths, and care labels. Our silk kimonos cater to all body types. Each piece is crafted from skin-friendly, and soft fabric, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Whether an elegant long kimono or a stylish short kimono, our skilled printing artisans will bring your designs to life on the kimonos, seamlessly incorporating your logo. This expands brand promotion and creates an irresistible appeal that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Irrespective of your budget, we are dedicated to providing you with premium silk kimonos at enticing prices and the lowest MOQ. This creates ample opportunities for you to elevate your business. Contact us now to receive a quote!

Effortless Customization of Silk Kimono

Design Submission

Feel free to design based on your requirements and product line. Any patterns and colors are suitable. Common silk kimono designs include solid colors, floral patterns, lines, color blocks, and more. You can also introduce different design collections for each season.

Style Selection

We offer various lengths for both women’s and men’s kimonos. Your customers can pair short kimonos with pants or dresses for various daily occasions, while long kimonos can serve as loungewear or silk sarong. The possibilities are endless.

Fabric Choices

Different thicknesses of 6A grade mulberry silk fabric create a variety of styles. The lightweight silk kimono exudes sensuality, airiness, and elegance, while the slightly thicker silk kimono offers both comfort and versatility in styling.

More Customizations

We offer support for customizing labels, packaging, and more with your logo. Add your personalized labels to the kimonos, carefully wrap them in packaging paper, and place them in exquisite paper boxes or organza envelope bags. This will elevate the appearance of your products and ultimately contribute to increased customer satisfaction.

Choose Sinosilk’s Silk Kimono

Our custom silk kimono collection is a crucial step in creating versatile styles for your customers.

With years of experience and a professional factory. Sinosilk provides top-notch silk fabrics for crafting kimonos. You can expect silk kimonos with impeccable stitching, clean edges, and stunning prints, all delivered within the agreed-upon time frame. Our stringent quality inspection process ensures the utmost satisfaction of every customer.

We strictly adhere to sustainable development principles throughout the entire production chain. Whether it’s fabric production, printing, or subsequent processing, we follow environmentally friendly policies. Not only do we avoid polluting the environment, but we also prioritize the well-being of our workers.

Our state-of-the-art factory enables us to offer more competitive prices, eliminating the need to pay extra to intermediaries. We support small-batch customization, allowing both emerging designers and established brands to seize affordable business growth opportunities.

Interested in learning more details about custom silk kimonos? Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you. Sinosilk warmly welcomes your inquiries and collaboration with the utmost sincerity!

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