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silk jacquard tie

Custom Silk Jacquard Tie

Our silk jacquard ties are manufactured using materials with higher density and 3D effects.

  • It has a loop to fix the necktie’s small head.
  • Tie size can be customized based on your specific requirements.
  • These are made from eco-friendly materials.
  • Offers excellent comfort.

Create Your Own Design Bespoke Silk Jacquard Ties

Sinosilk offers elegant, luxurious, and high-quality silk jacquard ties crafted from the finest silk fabric. Thus, you can assure a luxurious sheen and a silky-smooth texture that exquisitely drapes around the neck.

Our ties have meticulously woven jacquard patterns, adding a more sophisticated look. This also ensures that your silk jacquard ties have durability and longevity. Therefore, guaranteeing a staple accessory that lasts for many years.

Whether you are a retailer, importer, or distributor of silk jacquard ties, Sinosilk is your best supplier. We can customize your silk jacquard tie according to your brand’s identity. Our team can incorporate your company logo, colors, designs, packaging, label, etc.

As a professional manufacturer, you can also guarantee that we provide silk jacquard ties with the lowest minimum order quantity and competitive prices to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

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