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Custom Silk Georgette Scarves

Sinosilk crafted high-quality scarves using 100% silk georgette provide a soft and luxurious feeling. These scarves are quick-drying and highly moisture absorbent making them perfect to be used for summer. Its cozy and warm feeling is also ideal for winter.

We designed silk georgette scarves with matte-finish, lightweight, and sheer texture. It is also very functional, stylish, and transparent making it breathable. Its soft feeling and versatility making it ideal to match with different attire.

At Sinosilk, we can provide silk georgette scarves with extensive color, shape, style, and designs. Customization options are also available such as logo, brand name, label, hemming options, and more to meet your requirements.

You can guarantee that each silk georgette scarves are offered with competitive prices and low MOQ to skyrocket your business. Request a quote today!

Product Details

Texture. Silk georgette scarves are semi-transparent, floaty, grainy, high strength, and has a good drape.

Scarf Sizes. You can choose from our standard sizes including 160cm x 45cm, 180cm x 45cm, and more. We can provide custom silk georgette scarf sizes based on your requirements.


Business Gifts. It can be used for business gifts during celebrations, holidays, conferences, and other events.

Promotional Gifts. Give your business with individuality by printing silk georgette scarves with your logo or brand name.

Decoration accessories. It is perfect for both social occasions and home environments to enhance one’s temperament.

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