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Custom Silk Durag

Silk is the best material used for making durag due to its extremely durable and comfortable properties. Here at Sinosilk, we are offering a comprehensive range of silk durag that are guaranteed to provide maximum hair protection.

The popularity of silk durag is due to the fact that it is multi-functional and stylish. Tying your hair up after moisturizing and combing it, and securing it with a silk durag not only helps create natural waves, but also ensures overall hair growth. Anyone can wear silk durags. It  not only creates natural waves in the hair, but also protects all other hairstyles.

Silk durags are comfortable to wear, so they can be worn in different ways at any time. For example, when playing sports, sleeping, or just for decoration, whatever the purpose of wearing it, it will protect your hair well. Before the fashion world took notice of silk durag, it was already popular on the streets, going from a mere hair care product to a fashion element. High fashion finds inspiration in silk durag, pairing fashion with silk durag to make it unparalleled. The silk durag can represent street, punk, and fashion at the same time, and custom silk durag can match any look and attitude.

Our silk durags are available in a wide range of color selection. You can choose from black, purple, blue, yellow, brown, orange, and more. We can also manufacture silk durags according to your specific color selections.

As a professional silk durag manufacturer, we make sure to offer the lowest MOQ in the market. Thus, we can support your starting business. Whether you are an importer or distributor, Sinosilk is your best wholesale silk durag supplier. Send us your inquiries today!

Choose from Different Sizes

Our silk durags are available in different sizes including:

For Children: 37cm x 85cm

For Adults: 42cm x 100cm

Custom silk durag sizes are available upon your request.

Key Benefits

Top Quality. Our silk durag is manufactured with top-quality ensuring that it won’t rip easily even after washing.

Superior Material. We manufacture these durags using silk satin fabric that is smooth and shiny. Thus, keeping the hair moisturized.

Locking Moisture. With its silk satin fabric, our durags can help in locking moisture without absorbing all the hair products.

Silk Durag
Silk Durag


  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Better compression
  • Ideal for 720, 540, and 360 waves
  • Flexible
  • Additional comfort
  • Stylish appearance
  • Loop closure
  • Wide strap
  • Fast adjustment

Custom Options

We can support your business by providing custom silk durag options including:

  • Logo
  • Brand name
  • Packaging
  • Label
  • Hangtag
  • Print, and more
Silk Durag

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