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Silk Cushion

Custom Silk Cushion Cover

Do you need a high-class silk cushion cover for your business? Sinosilk is your trusted supplier. We can customize luxurious silk cushion covers in solid, patterned, and printed designs. Made from 100% silk, our cushion covers are guaranteed to have maximum softness, smoothness, and luxurious appearance. You can also assure elegance while maintaining durability and longevity.

At Sinosilk, we can customize your silk cushion covers using digital printing or embroidery. Custom sizes, patterns, logos, labels, hangtags, and packaging are also available to meet your specific requirements.

As a professional silk cushion cover manufacturer, we offer low MOQ from 100 pcs per design. You can also assure competitive prices to skyrocket your business. Send us your inquiries today!

The Thickness of Silk Fabrics Used in Our Silk Cushion Cover

The silk fabric used for the production of silk cushion covers comes in different thickness including:

  • 16mm
  • 19mm
  • 22mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm

Take note that the higher the density (mm or Momme) means that silk cushion cover is more durable.

Uses for Custom Silk Cushion Cover

Custom silk cushion covers offer various benefits and applications.

In a business setting, they can feature the company’s or group’s event logo or slogan. Cushions with these custom silk covers can be strategically placed at the event, providing attendees with added comfort during breaks while effectively conveying the event’s intentions. Furthermore, they leave a lasting impression of both the company and the business event.
In design branding, custom silk cushion covers serve as an exquisite addition to product collections, showcasing the remarkable artistic design alongside other items.
In home decor, when a lackluster needs a touch of warmth, customized silk cushion covers can match the interior decor, adding an extra layer of beauty and charm to your home.

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