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Silk Cotton Blend Scarf with Custom Design

  • Natural fiber
  • Soft and cool to touch
  • MOQ: 50pcs/design
  • Choice of multi sizes
  • Sample swatches available
  • Sample time: 5-7 days
  • Fast delivery

Feeling that cotton scarves lack the glamour you desire? Finding silk scarves not quite economical? Are you in search of a scarf that seamlessly combines affordability with top-notch quality to elevate your company’s business? Look no further. Sinosilk is thrilled to present our exclusive line of custom silk cotton scarves.

The fabric we meticulously employ to craft our silk cotton scarves has undergone rigorous testing, with the cotton-to-silk fiber ratio constantly fine-tuned to achieve optimal results: Our fabric blend consists of 70% cotton and 30% silk or 50% cotton and 50% silk. This fusion guarantees the opulent, velvety feel of silk while preserving the delicate yet resilient attributes of cotton. And owing to their natural origins, silk, and cotton fibers are less likely to trigger allergies, making them an excellent choice even for those with sensitive skin.

Our tailor-made silk cotton scarves cater to every occasion and season, showcasing their versatility and making them equally ideal for retail and gifting purposes. These scarves can be styled in myriad ways, including but not limited to using them as headbands, shawls, or bag accessories.

The surface of our silk cotton scarf boasts a distinctive textured effect. The silk component exudes a smooth, glossy finish, complemented by the cotton’s matte touch, resulting in a visually captivating textured appearance. Printing on this unique texture enhances color expression, ensuring vibrancy that endures even after washing. Our factory can customize prints in various colors and patterns. Simply furnish us with your design and select the printing method that aligns with your needs. 

As a scarf supplier with many years of experience and customers all over the world, we continue to provide well-made silk cotton scarves and offer attentive service to address your concerns. Feel free to inquire about a quote without hesitation.

Printing Details

There are three common printing methods: regular digital printing, double-sided digital printing, and screen printing.

It‘s worth noting that, with regular digital printing, dark designs exhibit a stronger ink penetration capacity compared to light designs, resulting in a superior back effect for dark designs. Should you require guidance on the printing method, we extend the offer of complimentary sample packages for your consideration. This allows you to intimately experience our fabrics and thoughtfully assess our prints, enabling you to opt for the choice that impeccably suits your requisites. A nominal shipping fee is all that’s required.

How do We Customize It for You?

We use the latest technology in our production process and customize it to strict standards. After understanding your needs through basic communication, we print on the fabric. Your original artwork will be perfectly rendered by highly skilled printing techniques.

After the print is finished, it will be cut according to the size you specify. Then, our factory will hem it for you, and the neat edges make the silk cotton scarf look more elegant.

This concludes the customization part of the silk cotton scarf. You can also choose to customize the label and packaging of the scarf so that the overall look is more harmonious and more able to let customers feel your heart.

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