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Fabric Printing ODM and OEM

No required minimum order size.
Low minimum order size.
Swatches of free samples.
Swatches of free samples.
No-cost standard labels.
No-cost standard labels.
Offering a customized service.
Offering a customized service.
Fast ordering, small and large orders.
Fast ordering, small and large orders.
Available is an express turnaround.
Available is an express turnaround.
247 customer assistance.
24/7 customer assistance.

Silk Printing Digital

We can turn any plain silk fabric into a gorgeously patterned piece of digitally printed silk using the most recent technology.

Since more than 14 years ago, we have been printing on silk, making us the only silk merchant in China with a modern digital printer of our own.

Printing with a Silkscreen

Printing with a Silkscreen

An old-fashioned technique for printing intricate designs with strong colorful effects on silk is silk screen printing.

Using our very own in-house manufactured colors and dyes, we can screen print any given design into silk.

Silk in Bulk

We at Sinosilk have been providing the highest quality materials to the fashion industry.

Our large selection of exquisite silks, which includes satin, twill, crêpes, organza, and chiffon in a variety of colors, is something we take great pride in.

Printing on Silk Scarf

Our entirely bespoke service, which specializes in producing luxury digitally, screen, double sides printed silk scarf, offers specially created scarfs that are printed on the highest-grade silk.

Added-Value Services

Small Customs orders Are Welcomed!


Along with offering silk materials, we also expand into other fabric types including cotton, linen, bamboo, Tencel, and Modal. If customers wish us to source some textiles, this makes ordering simple.

Deliverables, Finished

Many silk scarves and eye masks have been produced by our company. We are professionals in this field to provide you with some guidance so that you can save money.

Manufacturers of Garments Advice

We have done a lot of business with some skilled and reputable Chinese garment manufacturers. We can provide the best options if you also wish to have your garment manufactured in China.

How to Order

Joining the Dots Between Design and Finished Products

For artists, textile designers, wholesalers, and even marketing brands, we provide customized fabric printing and product manufacturing services. All fabrics and items are locally printed and produced in our own factory, which offers quick turnaround and high-quality finishing.

More than 1000 Different Types of Fabrics

  • Choose from the top 1000 textiles based on your preferences.

Selected Craftsmen with more than 14 Years of Experience

  • Our scarves still bear signs of the hard work and craftsmanship of our craftsmen, who average more than 14 years of expertise.

Printing without Pressure from One Meter

  • Utilizes intelligent production systems to ensure any quality. This approach allows for flexible production and pressure-free stock.

Internationally Renowned Printing Machinery

  • By utilizing innovative digital printing technologies from around the world, production efficiency and print quality are guaranteed.

One Stop Silk Product
customized Solution

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