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Custom Screen Printed Scarves

Sinosilk is proud to introduce our collection of scarves that are meticulously printed using the screen printing technique. Thus, assuring a stylish and captivating scarves design.

Our talented designers expertly use screen printing technology to incorporate simple and complex patterns, illustrations, motifs, and more. Rest assured that the intricate details of each screen-printed scarf have high clarity and precision.

The screen printing process employed in our scarves guarantees durability and longevity. We only use eco-friendly ink that easily penetrates the fabric, ensuring vivid colors. Thus, assuring that each scarf will maintain its stunning design after years of usage.

Whether you need screen-printed scarves for your business, Sinosilk is your best supplier. We offer the lowest MOQ and competitive prices in the market to skyrocket your brand. Send us your inquiries today!

100% Silk Screen Printed Scarves

  • Silk Twill Screen Printed Scarves
  • Silk Satin Screen Printed Scarves

Polyester & Other Fabrics Screen Printed Scarves

  • Polyester Voile Twill Screen Printed Scarf
  • Polyester Voile Satin Screen Printed Scarf
  • Renewable Volie Screen Printed Scarf
  • Cotton Rayon Screen Printed Scarf
  • Poly Chiffon Screen Printed Scarf
  • Polyester Twill Screen Printed Scarf
  • Polyester Satin Screen Printed Scarf

Fabric Selection for Screen Printed Scarves

We manufacture screen-printed scarves using the different fabrics including:

Custom Sizes Available

For square screen-printed scarves: 55cm x 55cm, 65cm x 65cm, 90cm x 90cm, 110cm x 110cm…

For long scarves: 55cm x 170cm, 65cm x 180cm, 65cm x 200cm…

We also manufacture screen printed scarves according to your specific size requirements.

Hemming and Tassel Options

  • Hand hem
  • Machine hem
  • Fringe
  • Double-deck stitching
  • Tassels
  • Hooks
What Artwork File Format Should I Send for Screen Printing?

You can send us your artwork in TIFF, JPEG, JPG, AI, PDF, and PSD in less than 150 DPI resolution.

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