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Custom School Ties

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
  • Made with woven polyester or silk
  • Size: made to any size

As a professional supplier of school ties, we offer customized options suitable for all ages and grade levels. These ties are designed to match your school uniforms, eliminating any disparities among students, promoting equality, and allowing them to concentrate more on their studies.

Our school ties are personalized using high-quality silk, polyester, or cotton fabrics. You can select the most appropriate fabric based on the age groups and specific requirements of your students. When it comes to customizing the print of the tie, you can choose hues that match the color of the school uniform, classic stripes, or patterns. Naturally, you can also add the school logo and badge design. These ties are durable and can serve as a lasting symbol of school spirit, cherished as a valuable memory beyond graduation.

To establish enduring partnerships with schools worldwide, we are pleased to offer special discounts on our exquisite and comfortable school ties. They will accompany your students throughout their growth and learning journey. Come and ask for a quote.

Sinosilk’s School Ties

Our school ties stand out from ordinary ties due to the inclusion of your school’s special logo. This distinctive touch serves to set your students apart from others.

The size of the tie is fully customizable. The standard size is ideal for high school or college students. While our more suitable for the children is the scaled-down version of the regular size. Both length and width will be adjusted, making the length easy for students to tie a variety of knots, while the width maintains the beauty and balance of the tie. Meticulous attention is given to every detail, including the tie’s seams, edge stitching, and the precision of its tips.

Beyond the conventional ties, we offer an array of more convenient options, such as clip-on ties, elastic ties, and velcro neckties. These innovations provide hassle-free alternatives, eliminating the need for intricate tying and enabling a flawless tie even for those unfamiliar with the method.

What Are the Benefits of Students Wearing School Ties?

There are several advantages to matching the same school tie with the uniforms. They can help bridge socioeconomic differences among students’ family backgrounds, eliminating the stress that can arise from variations in clothing and accessories.

Moreover, students are instilled with a sense of personal responsibility as they care for their school uniforms and necktie themselves. This unintentionally nurtures a feeling of independence. Meanwhile, in a group setting where the school values and treats everyone equally, a strong sense of equality is underscored.

These school uniform ties also can minimize the distraction posed by clothing choices, allowing students to dedicate more time to gaining knowledge and self-improvement.

May I preview the design?

Absolutely, you have the option to preview the design. To make sure you are happy with the design, we will prepare a preview image for you before your school tie design is finalized and put into production. Let us know if any changes need to be made.

Can you provide design services?

Our skilled designers can specialize in crafting distinctive school ties based on your school’s logo, emblem, colors, and other recognizable elements. Additionally, we can make subtle modifications to your initial design, tailoring it to your needs and ensuring the ties boast a coordinated appearance.

Are you able to supply large quantities?

Our skillful factory is fully capable of producing dozens to tens of thousands of orders for you, with quality and quantity guaranteed while still offering you competitive prices.

Can you assist us in coordinating with our school colors?

We can match your school tie’s colors to your needs precisely, ensuring integration with your prints, including the school logo. With our extensive experience and commitment to professionalism, we are fully equipped to address all your design and production requirements. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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