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Custom Printed Silk Tie

  • 100% Real Silk
  • 12mm/14mm/16mm silk twill; 14mm/16mm silk satin
  • Moq: 50pcs per design
  • Classic size(3.25×58 Inch) or custom your sizes
  • Color according to the design or Pantone
  • Sample time: 7-10 days
  • Production time: 15-20 days

Sinosilk offers beautifully printed silk ties to help your clients open the door to a new world of fashion. Painstakingly created within our specialized factory, these ties can serve as the perfect accessory to enhance any outfit for a special occasion.

We deeply understand the significance of a sought-after product boasting a one-of-a-kind design, and capturing attention. So we can customized printed silk ties for you, requiring you to provide us with a design and rendering. The result? You will get elegant and sophisticated silk ties that exude both class and style.

Our customized printed silk ties effortlessly harmonize with a variety of events, making them versatile additions to any wardrobe. Furthermore, they make for impeccable gifts, ideal for presenting to your clients during momentous occasions.

As a reputable fashion brand or apparel distributor, embracing the opportunity to feature unique printed silk ties can undoubtedly broaden your customer base. Rely on us for unmatched quality craftsmanship and exceptional service, all at prices that are satisfactory. Request a quote today and allow Sinosilk to become your trusted partner.

Exquisite Details

Our printed silk ties are well-made. The details of the tie are handled manually by experienced workers. The stitches in each place are fine, neat, and smooth. The ties produced are exquisite and stylish, with sharp tips, creating a strong aura for the wearer and sending out personal charm.

We utilize premium fabrics for the tie linings, harmonizing with the silk fabric to enhance the tie’s drape and maintain the utmost quality of the printed silk tie.

Vibrant Prints

We use advanced digital printing technology to print, both environmentally friendly and fast. Some relatively simple designs can also use screen printing, the printing color is full and bright.

Distinct printing styles offer varying performances. Our customized service allows diverse pattern designs. Among the more regular choices are floral motifs, timeless polka dots, refined squares, intricate chain locks, delicate paisley, and circular pattern. These printed silk ties radiate a sense of generosity and elegance, making them a fitting choice for formal occasions.

Alternatively, you can also print charming and distinctive patterns like animal prints or oil painting designs, perfect for more relaxed settings.

Customized for Various Industries and Occasions

  • Catering to diverse industries: Real estate sector; Aviation industry; Banking field; Insurance sector; Tourism; Hotel and catering
  • Catering to various occasions: Dinner parties; Conferences; Get-togethers; Dancing parties; Weddings; Anniversary celebration

One Stop Silk Product
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