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Custom Pocket Square

Bespoke Pocket Squares with Your Own Designs

A pocket square may seem like a modest accessory, but in the world of fashion, it’s the details that truly reflect a person’s style and make a lasting impression. It has the power to enhance the overall visual impact of an outfit. Your clients are likely seeking a pocket square with character to express their unique personalities. Sinosilk can customize pocket squares for your brand, catering to the specific needs of your customers. Our custom pocket squares not only enhance their style but also help you expand the product market, positioning you as a lead brand in the industry.

Create an original design that reflects your brand’s keen fashion sense and deep understanding of the industry. Add an artfully crafted brand logo or designer signature to create a pocket square that stands out in the market. Your clients can effortlessly pair it with any style of suit for any occasion, and it will undoubtedly draw admiration wherever they go.

Regardless of your business goals, Sinosilk is here to assist you in creating the perfect men’s accessory. With over a decade of experience, a talented team, and a professional production plant, we ensure to provide the best-performing pocket square. Even with low MOQ, we offer the most competitive prices in the market. Each of our products upholds our commitment to quality. Request our well-prepared samples to experience the excellence that Sinosilk brings. Contact us now! 

Why Choose Sinosilk?

Solid Colors & Sustainably Printed
Color Matching
Free Artwork Available
Custom Packaging & Gift Boxes
Free Sample Swatches
Design Service Available
Fast Turnaround Times
Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Exquisite Fabrics

Fabrics with exceptional textures provide a comfortable experience that reflects the wearer’s style and attitude, even when wearing a uniform suit. Luxurious silk embodies the pursuit of absolute texture, boasting a glossy and elegant finish. Breathable and soft cotton reflects the wearer’s introspective nature, while a pocket square that complements a decent suit adds a touch of substance. The economical and unique polyester fabric embodies practicality, not only durability but also affordability and cost-effectiveness.

Flawless Prints

Cutting-edge printing machines ensure impeccable prints. We use environmentally friendly inks, meticulously color-matched for precision, and treat the fabrics to enhance ink fusion with fibers. Permanent printing guarantees vibrant colors that endure years of use. Digital single-sided printing offers enhanced detail realism and greater color depth. With digital double-sided printing, you will enjoy a uniform and stunning appearance on both sides of the pocket square. Screen printing, known for its vividness, enables swift delivery of large quantities of pocket squares.

Perfect Sizes

Our sizes are fully customizable, and we also provide some standard size references: 25 x 25cm, 30 x 30cm, 36 x 36cm, 42 x 42cm. Customize the pocket square to match your clothing specifications. A pocket square that is too small will slip off while walking. The right size ensures a polished appearance, offering versatility through different folding methods.

Meticulous Hemming

We offer both hand-rolled hem and machine hem, providing exquisite finish to detail. High-quality thread and fine stitching ensure the hems and ends are neatly sewn. These subtle details contribute to the pocket square’s durability, preventing any issues with fraying edges due to regular use.

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