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Plain Dyed Silk Satin Fabric

Plain Dyed Silk Satin Fabric Wholesale

  • 100% Pure 6A Grade Mulberry Silk
  • Thickness: 16/19/22/30/40 momme silk
  • 96 colors for 114cm width; Black and natural white for 140cm width. Custom colors available.
  • Gram weight: 68gsm/81gsm/94gsm/129gsm/172gsm options
  • OEKO-TEX 100 certificated
  • Minimum order of 1 meter each color
  • Fabric swatches. It could be sent out within one working day.

Plain Multicolor Dyed Silk Satin Fabric Manufacture

Elegant and stylish silk satin is often referred to as the “Queen of Silk”. It’s a luxurious fabric, even after dyeing, it still has a beautiful and shimmering finish. This fabric is naturally breathable, helping regulate body temperature, and it proves to be a versatile choice for all seasons. Additionally, its satin weave structure enhances the durability of the silk fabric to a considerable extent. The hypoallergenic feature ensures that it won’t cause skin irritation during use, making it equally suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Sinosilk’s plain dyed silk satin fabrics have successfully passed all the rigorous tests conducted by the International Eco-Textile Association (IETA) and have earned the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. This certification applies to every aspect, including the yarn, fiber, and fabric. We utilize 100% silk satin fabric, carefully dyed to maintain its natural and vibrant colors. In addition to our existing selection of plain dyed fabrics, we can customize according to the Pantone color values provided by you.

As your professional fabric supplier, we can also tailor the fabrics to your specific requirements. This can include adding texture to the fabrics through the sand-washing process or creating a beautiful appearance using digital printing techniques

You have the flexibility to order plain dyed silk satin fabric by the yard from Sinosilk at discounted rates, with no MOQ required. Our charmeuse silk fabric price per meter is offered at factory price. For larger orders, please contact us to get wholesale prices.

Advantages of Sinosilk in Providing Fabrics

We have an ample stock of 96 different colors for you to select. For your ordering convenience, we provide a color chart book and complimentary fabric samples (color random). These samples allow you to visualize the exceptional quality of our fabrics.

Our plain dyed silk satin fabrics have been meticulously processed to achieve a color fastness rating of 4-5. They have also undergone quality testing, including AZO and pH tests, all meeting the required standards. This ensures that our fabrics fully comply with safety standards, containing no formaldehyde, aromatic amines, or azo dyes.

Versatility of Fabrics

Our plain dyed silk satin fabrics come in a variety of widths and thicknesses, suitable for a wide range of everyday uses. 

They can be incorporated into your daily wardrobe, including making blouses, dresses, halter tops, pajamas, pants, and cheongsams. Moreover, they are perfect for special occasion applications such as suits, evening wear, and wedding gowns.

Besides their suitability for formal attire, these fabrics also can elevate the style by making accessories like scarves, headbands, scrunchies, and eye masks

They also find a place in your home decor—from pillowcases to quilt covers, bedsheets, curtains, and more. Our plain dyed silk satin fabrics offer the ultimate comfort and luxury.

Washing Instructions

Silk satin fabric is a natural material and after the dyeing process, it may exhibit a slight release of color during the first wash, which is entirely normal. When washing the fabric, it’s important to soak it separately and avoid using alkaline detergents.

Notice of Color Difference

We employ advanced technology to minimize the occurrence of color differences, but there still be two situations difficult to avoid.

  • Page color difference. This issue is influenced by various factors, including different shooting environments, angles, and the varying resolutions of different monitors. As a result, colors may appear differently to each observer. If you are particularly concerned about this issue, consider purchasing color cards in advance for accurate comparisons.
  • Color batch and dyelot chromatism. Differences in production environments and time can lead to variations in color among different batches of fabrics.

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