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Custom Photo Scarf for Bulk

  • Design your own photo designs
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Samples available
  • Hand roll or machine hemming
  • Printed on one side or both sides
  • Gift packaging can be customized
  • 7-15 days production time

Embrace cherished memories with a stunning photo scarf from Sinosilk. As a leading scarf supplier, we specialize in offering wholesale custom photo scarves that not only exude style but also hold deep sentimental value. By providing us with one of the photos or a patchwork of several, whether it’s a significant portrait, an adorable animal, a breathtaking landscape, or a meaningful object, it has the power to become the very essence of a photo scarf, capturing a priceless moment. 

Our team of highly skilled artisans meticulously transfers these photos onto the finest scarf fabrics, creating captivating works of art. You have the complete freedom to select the style, size, and other relevant aspects of the scarf, allowing you to craft a genuinely distinct and unique product that mirrors your company or brand’s image.

Our customized photo scarves are suitable for all occasions and serve as a canvas for boundless creativity. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift for a valued client or an attention-grabbing promotional item for your company, these scarves stand as an ideal choice to leave a lasting impact. Request a quote today!

Beautiful Memories Require an Elegant Carrier

Before we delve into creating meaningful photo scarves, we need you to think deeply about the fabrics. Choose them carefully to align with the desired effect you wish to portray and the specific demands of your business. If you are aiming for a luxuriously soft and radiant scarf, our array of silk fabrics awaits your selection. These fabrics boast the exquisite quality of 6A grade 100% mulberry silk, promising sheer elegance. You can also choose from our silk blend fabrics, which have the delicate touch of silk and the properties of other fibers to create scarves with a unique finish.

Beyond these fabric options, we extend our collection to encompass natural fiber fabric options like cotton and linen, as well as synthetic choices, including polyester fabrics. Each of these materials possesses distinctive traits that unlock boundless creative potential.

Lovely Printing Details

The photo scarf employs the same printing methods as a regular printed scarf. Using the most advanced modern printing technology to make each photo print comes to life. The specially treated scarf fabric will combine with the molecules in our eco-friendly ink, resulting in brilliantly vibrant colors that resist fading. During the printing process, our experienced workers handle every detail perfectly. Prior to dispatch, we rigorously inspect both print quality and product excellence. 

These photo scarves are featherlight and silky, with an incredibly crisp print effect, creating the ideal fashion accessory.

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